Director of the research center of epidemiology them. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg said about the timing of the emergence of vaccine COVID-19.

“the Production of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus could begin in the fall of 2020. Created with the help of NIC Gamalei test system for immunity to COVID-19 analysed more than 4000 samples of blood plasma,” said Ginzburg.

According to him, thanks to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. The military is actively involved in vaccine development, thanks to the joint work was made possible quick result.

Recently it became known about the vaccination of the first group of volunteers. The main goal is to test the safety and tolerability of the vaccine components.

Quantitative and qualitative parameters of the sample of volunteers, including the ratio of military and civilian, which will be introduced a new vaccine, agreed with the health Ministry, the defense Ministry said.

The Ministry said that the military volunteers were selected on a voluntary basis.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that in the military hospital named after Burdenko, the first 18 volunteers were vaccinated from COVID-19.