Ying Ying and Le Le will belong to the nature of the giant Panda, which is classified according to the world conservation Union IUCN as endangered. According to the authority, there are only about 1800 free-living giant pandas in the world.

For more than ten years, attempts to mate the two Pandas in the Ocean Park zoo to each other. So far, all of the natural mating, but were attempts in vain. This CNN “reported”.

Why is it the Zoo tried to always be more? “The likelihood of a pregnancy by natural mating is higher than the result of artificial insemination,” says Michael Boos, managing Director for Zoological preservation in Ocean Park in a press release.

Zoo staff to notice for the first time on behaviors during mating season occur

The Hong Kong Zoo has been closed since January due to the Coronavirus to visitors. This rest took advantage of the two giant Pandas, Ying Ying and Le Le now apparently. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

The mating season of giant pandas is between March and may. This year, the staff of the Ocean Park noted for the first time, certain behavior in the two animals that speak in favor of the two paired have.

“Since the end of March, Ying Ying is spending more time in the water, while Le Le and Scent-mark in its habitat can be behind and in the area, according to Ying Yings fragrance addiction”, – stated in the press release of the zoo.

“We hope to deliver the Hongkongern in this year of wonderful pregnancy news”

Still it is however too early to determine whether Ying Ying is really pregnant and that a Baby Panda is on the way.

“signs of pregnancy, including fluctuations in the hormone levels and changes in behaviour, can only be at the end of June observed,” says Michael Boos. However, the possibility that Ying Ying suffers a pseudo-pregnancy was also “always. But we hope to be able to the Hongkongern in this year of wonderful pregnancy news, to deliver and to contribute to the conservation of this endangered species.” A whole Statement in the FOCUS Online/Wochit Whole Statement in the