to Say that all the exam tasks daunting, impossible. The people who make them, know very well what is in the chemistry textbooks and what not in them. Most jobs compared to last year has not changed, and in some cases changed their wording, but the type of jobs preserved. And only one task – number 34 – changed seriously. It has always been the most difficult (it is a calculated task requiring knowledge and mathematics), but this year was more focused on in-depth understanding and knowledge of chemistry, at analysis, ability to reason, to build a logical connection. For its solution there is not enough use of the standard algorithms that you can train almost any student.

to enter higher education, and especially on core areas, graduates still need to know the chemistry not on the reproductive level. The first courses of universities professors have to rely on deep knowledge of students, subject matter, and not to make them educational program.

I call colleagues from the region and ask: “How so? We have in high school chemistry are given only one or two hours a week. How can we teach children to solve such complex tasks?”

To this I reply that the exam in chemistry is not required, only pass those who goes to the respective universities. Of course, the task of high difficulty level designed for specialized education, students of those classes in which the study of chemistry stands out 5-6 hours a week. Two hours a week it is impossible to prepare the graduate for a high result. Moreover, even the teaching of chemistry at the profile level may not guarantee a successful exam all graduates, because all children are different, with different abilities and motivation. And it is impossible to demand from teachers. But that does not mean you have to lower the bar and say, “just not all the challenges – let’s make them a bit easier”. We are still talking about the selection of the universities most well-prepared students.

moreover, today, the Association of teachers and lecturers of chemistry struggles to chemistry was a compulsory subject for all kids in high school, and not subject to “at the option of the Director” that she remained on the margins of curricula. Chemicals can be removed from the school, but it is impossible to remove from the life.

Another problem is that the criteria for evaluating the quality of teachers ‘ work. It’s absurd to measure the qualifications of teachers for the number of stabulnieku, which he gave in a particular year, because teachers work in very different schools and with different children.

There are schools where even with a strong teacher and selected children, the parents take the child tutor. They can afford to pay for private work with student. But in other schools the teacher works��Ute in absolutely other conditions and may not provide the same result even with the highest skill. And we, unfortunately, will not go away.

In conclusion I want to note that even though the exam seemed very difficult, that is no reason to panic, because all the graduates are in the same situation and to enter higher education will all be on the results of the same exam. But if this year we will have less stabulnieku – okay, this is an adequate assessment to the situation of teaching chemistry in educational institutions of the country.

Let’s not get hysterical wait for the results and only then run them for a serious analysis.