Cheese-maker Oleg Sirota responded to a complaint of Tarzan left without livelihood because of the pandemic

Did the 50-year Soviet actor and bodybuilder Sergey Glushko, of which the majority of Russians know under the alias Tarzan, about how a strong public outcry will cause his complaints about the hard life in a pandemic? But the word is not a Sparrow, so the statement of the husband of Natasha Koroleva who were jealous of doctors and grandmothers, now do not discuss only the lazy.

But unlike the colleagues on show business, famous Russian cheese-maker Oleg Orphan decided to offer Sergei Glushko real work, which is well suited in order to save the family of the artist from the predicament. One of the advantages we offer stripper jobs of the farmers, according to farmer, is the opportunity to work with "these elite heifers".

"Friends! I’ve learned that Tarzan looking for work. Wanted to ask for help with a repost of vacancies in our economy to convey to him and to all the suffering of the representatives of show business. Sergey Glushko finally given a chance to try your hand at working with these elite heifers and prove yourself on the job of milker", wrote the Orphan on his page in Instagram.

Also the farmer reminded the impoverished artist about the advantages of new works, among which he noted particularly fresh air and a substantial discount on goods for employees of the farm. But that’s not all! Not so long ago, Tarzan had to close its main brainchild – Moscow fitness center. But now, according to the cheese maker, the body Builder has a great opportunity to keep fit without any gyms.

"he has a unique opportunity to get a natural tan and are dried in the most natural way with a shovel and a milking machine. And he just with giving a short distance to drive to work, but, if his wife had kicked out of the house because of his lack of money, we can give him a comfortable hostel (we were even barbell available).

In principle, we have them, and Natasha can take two as a married couple — both work find. It can, for example, a cattleman to go, and she was a calf. Or Vice versa. Pay well. Work is good, respectable and very much needed in our difficult time. We still feed our compatriots, and not all sorts of lewdness do!" – concluded the potential employer Tarzan.