Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called for ruthless and strict law enforcement practice in respect of the proliferation of fakes.

"law Enforcement practice should be flawless, ruthless and hard", – said the representative of the Kremlin in an interview with RTVI, speaking about the fight against the proliferation of fakes.

He acknowledged that to combat false information is very difficult.

"the Fight against fakes should not be a struggle with the truth. To do this systematically is very difficult", – said Peskov.

According to him, it is taking legislation, "then begins a practice of law enforcement".

"In law-enforcement practice simply need to consider and respond to each individual case, thus to achieve the default standards to struggle with fakes did not become a struggle with the truth", – believes press Secretary of the President.

As an example of fake and combating Sands brought the case after a fire in a shopping complex "Winter cherry" in Kemerovo in March 2018.

"[Russian President Vladimir] Putin then arrived there, there were people who provoked someone and shouted that in the morgues full of corpses, we were deceived. President Putin sat in the car and drove to the morgue. He came to the morgue and said, "Take me where the mountains of corpses". Moreover, he called these people" – shared memories a Kremlin spokesman, who accompanied the then head of state. In his view, "is the fight against fakes and fake it [information about the bodies], which should be punished, and the people who spread this information, – not who other, as criminals".

He gave another example – information "that has not paid the money to the nurse of Kommunarka".

"Then it turns out that this is not the nurse Kommunarka, and that Junior medical staff on outsourcing, and didn’t pay her the money and commercial company", – said Peskov. According to him, such data should be specified.