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According to the expert "RG", yet reasons for optimism that economic activity in the world will recover quickly. April will be the worst month for the ruble. But everything can change at the end of the second quarter
The Russian currency will remain hostage to the situation on the oil market and the impact of the pandemic in the fashion industry on the global markets. But remain in the ruble and a significant factors
The ruble exchange rate from 6 to 10 April showed a record for the last two years strengthening. This became possible due to rising oil prices. Expert "RG" explained how developments in the foreign exchange market will develop further
Today held the first meeting of OPEC countries+ by reduction of oil production since the failure of the last transaction. Depending on the outcome, the ruble may have to wait several scenarios, from a steady strengthening to a significant weakening
The ruble has escaped the panic of 2014 but there is still a lot of pessimism. However, the expert "RG" does not exclude that by the end of the year the situation will change. Well, the ruble will rise, and oil in 2021 may come to 80 dollars
The Bank of Russia lowered the official rate of the dollar and the Euro on Wednesday. The Russian currency strengthened by "American" to 75.45 ruble to the "European" Euro to ruble 82,01. this is happening against the background of rising oil prices
The ruble may be of interest to investors if the OPEC countries+ expanded group will be able to negotiate the reduction of oil production. Factor in the support of the Russian currency promises to be a fall in demand for foreign goods and travel
The discussion deals with the OPEC+ will become one of the Central themes of all news agencies. Expert "RG" does not exclude that the ruble may start a new attempt to adjust to the protracted wave attenuation
The dollar for the first time in two weeks in the early hours of the month fell below 77 rubles, and euros - less than 83. In April the foreign exchange market will depend on the negotiations on the reduction of oil production and the rate decision of the Central Bank
The ruble in early trading was strengthened, from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar at the low fell to 76,97 of the ruble, the Euro became cheaper to 83.24 ruble. Indexes of RTS and Mosberg rooted within 1 percent
The dynamics of oil prices and the spread of the coronavirus will continue to significantly affect the health of the ruble. Support the ruble sales of foreign currency by the Bank of Russia
Prospects of the Russian currency in April, while vague, and much will depend on countering the spread of coronavirus. Under a positive scenario likely scenario is the strengthening of the ruble
Until the end of the first decade of April it is likely to slow the weakening of the ruble. However, in the "oil" of the currency is now better not to invest, he said. Preference should be given to investing in gold
The ruble was down at the opening of trading, from the data of the Moscow exchange. Dollar exchange rate at the maximum reached 79.2 per ruble, the Euro rose in price to ruble 87,04. The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil reduced by about 3 percent
In the short term, you will see the growth of the ruble, says expert "RG". He calculated what it would be like now without the support of the Bank of Russia. And called the conditions of recovery of the financial markets
The Russians were less interested in the currency. Buy foreign notes we want 10 percent of the population. There are several reasons - lack of savings, high dollar, uncertainty of position in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus
Markets trying to find the depth befell the world economy problems. Negative on global platforms, reinforced by the decline in oil prices and the pandemic coronavirus, inevitably affects the well-being of the ruble
Russia for a week went to the actual quarantine, however, trading on exchanges will be held. Expert "RG" gave a forecast that expects the ruble after hours next week and also when to wait for significant improvements in the economy
World government poured into the markets huge amounts of money and provide liquidity to the real sector of the unprecedented aid packages. According to the expert "RG", it soon stabilizes financial markets
The Central Bank lowered the official rate of dollar and Euro on March 26. On Wednesday, the ruble on the stock exchange, but after began to decline in the range of 20-40 cents. Experts note that the dynamics of the Russian currency continue to identify external factors
The Russian currency continues to strengthen on Wednesday, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar at the low fell to 76,97 of the ruble, the Euro rate was reduced to 83.41 ruble. The ruble went on the offensive, following the positive mood on world markets, analysts said
COVID-19 and low oil prices pushed up Euro and the dollar. Expert "RG" proposed several options for how you can increase your savings in this market volatility
The Bank of Russia lowered the official rate of the dollar and the Euro on 25 March. Experts attribute this to slowdown in the growth of new cases of coronavirus in Italy, which could be a script for other European countries
The rate of spread of the coronavirus was a fundamental factor in the formation of trends in the markets and the ruble. The actions of Central banks and governments will be derived from it and either strengthen or slow down the recovery of
The ruble exchange rate reduced by the opening of trading on Monday, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar maximum was raised to 81,49 of the ruble and the Euro reached the level 87,22 of the ruble. As for the "black gold", a barrel of Brent oil fell almost to $ 20
In the foreign exchange market will be a new factor that will exacerbate the problems of the ruble. To the coronavirus and low oil prices will increase the financial problems of companies. Expert "RG" predicted, when all this happens
Foreign exchange market became extremely emotional. Therefore, to influence the ruble, the dollar and the Euro can sudden, unpredictable factors. The amplitude of the changes in their rates is quite wide. Expert "RG" called the corridor
Shortage of alcoholic production on the Russian shelves and not going. However, prices for imported alcohol will soon go up. The reason for this will be a sharp jump in the exchange rate, reported "RG" in the Association of retail companies
The government and the Central Bank are taking vigorous measures to stabilize the ruble, which suffered from the "perfect storm". Periods of volatility happen, but always they have been replaced by stability, recalled Dmitry Peskov
The Russian currency strengthened in early deals on Friday, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar at the low fell to 78.1 ruble, the Euro became cheaper to 83,86 of the ruble. The ruble strengthened on positive external background - the growth of the Asian indices, the prices of metals and oil
Today, the Bank of Russia may interrupt the cycle to reduce the key rate, leaving it unchanged or increasing. Any decision of the regulator in the current turbulent conditions will respond to ruble exchange rate more than usual
Russia's international reserves (MPP) increased from 6 to 13 March for $3.2 billion to $581 billion, according to the Bank of Russia.
The ruble after a slight strengthening at the start of trading continued to decline against the dollar and the Euro, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar rose to nearly 82 rubles, and the Euro slumped to 90 rubles
The Russian currency continues to decline in evening deals on Wednesday, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. At the peak of the Euro rose to the level of 88,02 of the ruble, the dollar was close to 81 ruble. These are the minimum levels for the ruble since the beginning of 2016
On Friday, the Central Bank may announce emergency measures to stabilize the foreign exchange market. But, according to the expert "RG", to the return of the ruble to levels of the beginning of 2020, it will not. Also given the forecast for the next month
The Russian currency is losing its position at the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange. Dollar exchange rate at the time was no more than 79.2 ruble, then moved to the mark of 77 rubles. In the stock market, the RTS index has overcome the next psychological barrier of 900 points
The Russian currency managed to relatively stabilize. However, the still low price of oil does not allow to expect that the position of the ruble is stable - he is still under pressure
Most likely, rates on deposits and loans will rise in the next month or two. The best recipe for Bank customers - not to succumb to emotions. If you can do without the loan, it is better not to take, in principle, analysts say
The Russian currency strengthened at the start of trading, from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar fell to a minimum before and 73.81 ruble, Euro - ruble to 82,36. This is due to a slight increase in oil prices
The decision of the Central Bank's key rate will be associated with the dynamics of the Russian financial market, analysts say. But even if the Bank of Russia will not change the level of the rate of 6% per annum in the next month or two, banks can get slightly better rates on deposits and loans
After the price of Brent crude oil below $ 30 a barrel, many are talking about new record lows in the financial markets. Expert "RG" does not exclude even the recurrence of the recent "black Monday"
Aviation faces crisis, in the third quarter of a possible bankruptcy, experts say. The problem is not just the closure of a number of international destinations, but also the exchange rate that is tied to the maintenance and salaries of pilots
The ruble continues to decline on Monday trading. Thus, the dollar exceeded 74 rubles, the Euro was trading above 84 rubles. The national currency weakens against the background of negative dynamics of world indices and oil
At the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange, the dollar rose 1.1 ruble, Euro - by 1.5 rubles. The Russian market followed by markets in other developing countries, despite the fact that on the eve of the U.S. Federal reserve suddenly voided his bet
Last week, the dollar climbed to a mark of 76 rubles. To predict the ruble, even for a short time is impossible due to unpredictable reactions to COVID-19 and surges in oil prices. But while it is at an acceptable level, according to the government
Possible rejection of foreign exchange intervention against the background of weak oil prices will lead to a significant depreciation of the national currency, according to analysts of rating Agency "Expert RA"
Losses from the coronavirus can exceed 0.5 percent of world GDP. But the reaction of the markets overly panic, says expert "RG". He did not rule out impressive rebound and called the approximate time of recovery of currency
The Bank of Russia lowered the official rate of the dollar on the weekend before 73,19 ruble, Euro to ruble 81,86. After the second this week of panic selling of risky assets, the ruble on Friday partially restored the losses
The Russian currency strengthened for the auction of the Moscow exchange. The dollar fell by 2.6 percent and amounted to 72.87 ruble. The Euro fell 2.5 percent to 81,41 of the ruble. This is due to oil prices. The price of "black gold" of Brent crude rose to $ 35 per barrel
Trading on the Moscow exchange on Friday opened with growth of quotations. The dollar fell more than the ruble - to 73,54 of the ruble, the Euro fell to 82,57 of the ruble. The stock market is also adjusted

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