The dollar in early trading fell below 77 rubles

10.20 Moscow time the dollar at the low fell to 76,97 of the ruble, the Euro became cheaper to 83.24 ruble. After the dollar and the Euro managed to win the position. On Thursday, the auction ended at around 77,25 rubles per dollar and 83,25 ruble per Euro. Indexes of RTS and Mosberg on Friday morning, grew weakly in the range of 1%.

oil Prices rose to at 35.99 per barrel at the auction of 2 April

To exit the range of 75-80 rubles per dollar would require either a further fall in oil prices, or their rise above $ 30 per barrel of Brent, says a leading analyst “Discovery Broker” Andrei Kochetkov. On Friday morning Brent was worth a little above $ 30, more expensive by around 2% compared to the closing level.

Photo: iStock Central Bank gave recommendations to banks on the work in the coming long weekend

Before the oil prices soared after news about the possible convening of meetings of OPEC+ and the President of the United States Donald trump about a possible reduction of oil production by Saudi Arabia and Russia.

on Friday, the Ministry of energy of Azerbaijan reported that the meeting of OPEC Ministers+ will take place April 6 and will be held in videoconference format. The purpose of the meeting will be to stabilize the oil market and, presumably, a new Declaration of cooperation. The previous deal OPEC+ to limit oil production was broken on March 6 and has ceased to operate since April, which led to a strong drop in oil prices – from more than 50 to sometimes almost $ 20 per barrel Brent.