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Rescue groups in kindergartens is increasing. In the regions, increase the virus for some enterprises and industries. But there is a group where only two of the baby. What to do for a mom working third shift
The correspondent "RG" learned how to build bridges during a pandemic. Because this work cannot be stopped even in the period of complete isolation. Residents of the regions new bridges will be free from congestion
Since the birth of world-renowned sculptor Ernst Neizvestny will be 95 years. And if not for the fight against the coronavirus that caused the cancellation of all public events, the opportunity to see works by the masters would be the residents of Orenburg
For comfortable work on udalenke the Russians equip home office. The most economical set of equipment, including a laptop and a tablet, in Russia on average will cost about 25 thousand rubles
From the sixth of April, the city-forming enterprise of the Samara region will resume. And not only them. Measures will be taken to protect the health of workers, including conduct disinfection of buildings
People try to support doctors who find themselves on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. Among them Industrialists, taxi drivers, students. Bring the right products are on duty in clinics, sew at home masks
General Prosecutor's office acknowledged extremist statements of one of the users "Vkontakte", who wrote about the need to eliminate patients with coronavirus
The Prosecutor General's office continues to monitor the Internet for locating new fakes about pandemic coronavirus. In particular, in the social network "Vkontakte" was revealed in a post that talked about 60 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in Penza
The number of cases of coronavirus in Russia increased to 1036 in 58 regions. It is reported by the operational headquarters. In recent days been 196 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in 16 regions
The head of the RF IC became interested in the situation with the issuance of certificates under the program "Young family" in Ruzayevka. Gladysheva wife for 5 years and not wait for subsidies, but others received assistance without waiting
Under the direction of three residential art estates is the community for the graduates of orphanages with disabilities. But for 2020, the project has no money even for bills and salaries. Correspondent "RG" visited where people are not as everyone learns to live like everyone
In Samara of energy decided to look for the Dodgers with the help of "mobile police officer". This program recognizes the number of machines and conducts checking against a database of debtors
In Saratov the court has released from-under guards of one of the Teens suspected of preparing to mass murder. On appeal one of the defendants in the decision was made to change his measure of restraint on the prohibition of certain actions
Teen in serious condition after an accident in the Ulyanovsk region, out of surgery and is now in intensive care. The doctors were able to sew him the hand torn off
The number of victims in a bus accident on highway in Ulyanovsk region has grown to 16 people. Five members of the football team and one pregnant woman taken to hospital
The court arrested two of the Saratov school students who planned an armed attack on the school. They were detained in an abandoned bomb shelter where they kept their weapons

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