AvtoVAZ and

the President gave the regions the opportunity to make their own decisions on the introduction of restrictive measures and to create special conditions for operation of economy based on the situation.

Photo: iStock In the Samara region, the business will issue microloans under one percent

“Companies are willing to take on additional restrictions in compliance with health standards, disinfection of buildings and to ensure the safety of employees. But our priority concern for the citizens. So I think it is important to strike a balance between running the economy and maintaining the health of the people,” – said the Governor of Samara Dmitry Azarov.

the Ban also would not apply to agricultural companies and companies engaged in mining, for construction workers, producers of goods of the first necessity, organizations dealing with car repairs and medical equipment. And on carriers, the company’s production of power (only on delivery), Telecom companies, insurers, social agencies, businesses, utilities sector and veterinarians. Come to work as employees of AVTOVAZ and space-Rocket center “Progress”.

At the same time, even some employees of these companies will work remotely from home.

From the sixth of April also started distance learning for pupils and students – pre-so will be until April 30. Kindergartens, as before, operate on the principle of rescue groups – at the request of working parents.

Ministry of education: undergraduate and graduate Students will receive scholarships in full

In the Samara region, the regime of self-isolation will last until 12 April, and further developments will depend on the epidemiological situation. In the whole region reduced the epidemiological threshold incidence of influenza and SARS, and this is largely bthanks to the week.

While the region was identified 17 cases of cases, of which nine have fully recovered, they are discharged from hospital. The test for coronavirus in the region spent more than seven thousand studies.

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