The Prosecutor General's office found new fakes of coronavirus in social networks

As reported by correspondent “RG” the press service of the Supervisory authority, in particular in social network “Vkontakte” was revealed in a post that talked about 60 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in Penza, and on the free movement of patients by city residents. As noted in the Prosecutor’s office, this material has provoked wide discussion, with citizens generally expressed indignation that the authorities hide from them such important information and “dezinformiruet” the public about the real situation with the spread of the virus in the region. However, as have declared in supervising Department, according to the Ministry of health of the region, on the territory of the Penza region was only two people who have a suspicion of coronavirus.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS SK began to search for the author of the fake video about the prohibitions in connection with the coronavirus

in addition, prosecutors found on the website of YouTube the video titled “Urgent! In Moscow pulled troops! Quarantine or coup!”. This clip shows the passage of buses with soldiers of the troops of Regardie that the author commented on how the power scenario of suppressing the coronavirus from the authorities. Meanwhile, according to the government of Moscow, these avtokolona was carrying employees of Regardie on site in front Alabino training in preparation for the Parade, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

as well on YouTube was posted another video titled “Columns of military hardware and moving to Moscow. The security forces will give all rights to the use of weapons”. The author of this “investigation” on the basisand supposedly reliable information, warns viewers that political leadership ordered the use of weapons against the citizens. Here is revealed the video entitled “the GRU Colonel: what is hidden in the pandemic coronavirus”, which shows the statements of Vladimir Kvachkova, that the nature of the viral infection artificial and it is created a “global conspiracy” to destroy Nations entirely. However, as noted in the Prosecutor’s office, according to official information, the who, the coronavirus may not have artificial nature of origin. His appearance is due to a combination of other, previously identified coronaviruses.

Photo: EPA Doctors warned people with allergies against the background of the pandemic coronavirus

Another fake prosecutors found online idanim “Govorit Magadan”. In the article entitled “First results of the “modernization of health” in nosovskaya in Magadan: physicians at children’s infectionsi buy protective suits in the automobile and sew a gauze mask”. This text presents data on the acquisition of doctors MO GBUZ “Magadan hospital of infectious diseases” at his own expense protection: costumes and masks, as well as an independent manufacturer of medical masks from gauze dressings due to their shortage. However, according to the acting chief physician of the Magadan regional hospital, all the doctors, including MO GBUZ “Magadan hospital of infectious diseases” provided protection in full.

Thus, as stressed in the Supervisory Agency, all listed in the Internet resources posted knowingly false public relevant information, preparing the ground for mass violations of public order and public safety. On all facts the Prosecutor General’s office appealed to Roskomnadzor with the requirement about restriction of access to these materials.