Fight the traffic jams continued and in isolation

the Installation of the bored piles of the future bridge over the SOK river – a tributary of the Volga river near Samara millionth – is conducted around the clock. Builders say that the technologies to take breaks is undesirable. Moreover, flooding on the Middle Volga already on the nose. And Zhigulevskaya HPP will begin to dump water, which means, coastal areas may be flooded.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS employees of the Russian nuclear power plant was transferred to the “barracks”

While the water will be high with piles of the Juice will still have to wait, said the Deputy Director of Samariterstra Alexey Zotov. At this time will make the embankment for the new bridge. Builders in a hurry: although the completion date is scheduled for October 2022, the contractor has committed to complete the project next year.

It will be a bridge with a length of 306 metres with two lanes in both directions. Each spanning three and a half meters. Plus the five-foot sidewalk.

Samartsev new bridge will release from the tube in the area of old bridge over the Juice. Thanks to him, will be eliminated narrow neck away from Krasnoglinsky highway of Samara at the regional and Federal road network. Traffic flows exit and enter the city reallocates between the new and the old bridge will be repaired.

Working bridge builders and Astrakhan. Despite the quarantine, overhaul 200-metre road bridge “Police” across the river Tsarev. The cost of works is more than 250 million rubles.

Renovation began in February of this year in the framework of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. Now workers dismantle the roadway and the pedestrian area of the bridge. Is dismantling of slopes, approaches to the bridge on both sides, reported “RG” in the city administration.

the repair involved 30 slaveocih and 10 pieces of equipment. For the device footings and retaining walls using Russian materials. It is planned that in August the builders will finish the first stage with the launch of the traffic in the right lane.

Photo: press-service of office of onf in the Astrakhan region “bring up the doctor.” Residents of Astrakhan for free carrying medical and work

Police bridge was built 62 years ago, and during that time he was never reconstructed. And now will be completely replaced by reinforced concrete structures, bridge deck. Workers will install noise barriers and lighting will be improved approaches to the bridge.

under the threat of the spread of the new coronavirus infection bridge builders comply with all health standards. “Every day before going to work for all employees shall be examined by a health professional measures their temperatures, – told “RG” Deputy Samariterstra Alexey Zotov. – Upon the slightest suspicion of SARS was sent to the hospital. People older than 65 years and those suffering from chronic diseases from working released. Some employees transferred to the remote mode of operation.” Monitor the health status of bridge builders and Astrakhan.

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