Sculptor Ernst Unknown marks 95 years

Unique items ready to put in the Gallery of outstanding Orenburg “Our people” Orenburg charity Fund “Eurasia”. Ernst Neizvestny assigned a place of honor among the 30 celebrities that are directly related to Orenburg. At the exhibition you can see the working tools of a sculptor from his workshop on the island of shelter island in the United States, as well as the bronze sculpture of “People screaming”, it was all donated by the author to the Foundation in 2013.

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Project gallery of prominent Orenburg lasted more than seven years. But the grant of the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society, received by the Fund “Eurasia” on the third attempt, allowed to open to the public this is an amazing Museum collection.

With Ernst Neizvestny brought us together a long story. In 2000 we introduced him to the outstanding Mexican artist Vladimir Kibalchich, whose childhood in the 30-ies was held at the Orenburg Forshtadt (here in exile, his father, writer Victor Serge). In a telephone conversation between Orenburg and new York Ernst I. emotionally told about his grandfather and father – the native of Orenburg, who had, according to his firm belief, in the beginning of XX century in the city of your printing. Years later it turned out that the printing press Neizvestnogo (Unknown) was in Verkhne-Uralsk, belonging then to the Orenburg province, but Orenburg has always been considered the hometown of the family. Just recently, in April 2020, published the “Index of streets and houses in the city of Orenburg” as of 1896, found the address of the house of Osip Matveeva Unknown, a retired soldier – great-grandfather of the artist. House No. 9 and 11 Ovsyannikov lane (now lane Alexis), alas, not withwas guarded, but in the Gallery “Our people” have a picture of father Joseph and grandfather of Moses I. Unknown, made in 1901 in Orenburg.

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In 2012 we visited for the first time in a helicopter in new York. The outcome of the meeting in 2013 in the Orenburg book publishing house published a book of selected works of the mother of the sculptor – known children’s writer and poet Bella Dizhur. The Foreword to the book at the request of the Orenburg wrote Yevgeny Yevtushenko. In June 2013 Ernst I. gave for the future Gallery of eminent Orenburg small bronze work. Along with his wife, artist Anna Graham I realized photography graphics, stored in the workshop of the Unknown in Manhattan and a sculpture Park on the island of shelter island in new York state is Unknown.

There in the workshop was gathered and a collection of his working tools. In the fall of 2013 of the exhibits were transferred from Eurasia Foundation Art Museum of Ernst Neizvestny in Ekaterinburg and entered the main Museum Fund. The rest now presented to us in the gallery “Our people”.