Doctors free carry in the cab and sew them a special mask

So the people support the doctors, who, every minute risking their health, help others cope with coronavirus infection.

With physicians do not take money!

to Thank the doctors due to the spread of coronavirus infection there was a difficult time, I decided taxi driver from Ulan-Ude Basil Pussy. Now, if the passenger informs him that he is a doctor, money for travel he did not take.

Explains that he decided to do this because now doctors often have to drive home, and office machines may not always allocate. So he wants at least a little to help them. Especially because his route is one of the most “medical” in the city. “We pass the Republican clinical hospital of medical first aid and the fourth city hospital,” explains Pussy.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Russians support physicians who are struggling with pandemic coronavirus

In the salon of bus, the man hung up the announcement and also put a post on his page on Instagram, which reported the fundraiser. Especially close-up showed the car number, so that passengers knew exactly where introduced free travel.

“what About my other colleagues can’t say, but I’m sure many people will join this action,” – said the man. The driver says that to produce documents to confirm his words, the doctors do not have. All believe in the word. He is confident that his city live “honest people and willing to ride for free using the situation will not.”

the Students went to work

Samara medical students responded to the call to help in clinics during the regime of complete isolation, which is now in effect in the region.

In the Samara state medical University established the coordinating staff. Just the city has 200 volunteers-medical students of third-sixth year, and every day in service out of about a hundred people.

Photo: Anna Bondarenko/WG Vladivostok restaurant has become free to feed physicians

“It’s the guys that help your heart are free, no one forced them, they want to contribute to the solution of the problem, which has affected everyone, – said the coordinator of staff, doctor-preventive Artem Sergeev. – In the first place, he succeeded, they call up those who are at risk – people over 65 years old, and interrogate them. The main task – time to identify changes in health, prevent disease development and to guide the doctor.”

All volunteers prior to commencing work, are trained look video, in which experienced doctors explain what is the coronavirus, its symptoms, prevention methods. During the work the volunteers are in isolated areas and have no contact with patients. One day a volunteer will call to a hundred people, and then all information transfers local doctor.

the Doctors – very durable

Vyazemskaya seamstress Olesya Inozemtsev invented several new types of masks. For physicians – with enhanced protection and a replaceable filter. For the rest – colored, lighten the mood.

Their inventions Oles sew at home after work. “The whole city I will not sheathe, but doctors can’t deny. If they have come down with, we’ll stay by themselves,” says craftswoman.

Medical mask Olesya did with pocket for optional filter of gauze, calico or chintz. So it is easy to remove and replace. Foam is also reusable – easy to wash, dry and use again.

Photo: iStock In Yakutia, the staff of the correctional school started making masks

Wear this mask not only doctors. Olesya leaves them in the shop next door. It has a container with a handwritten explanation: “Protective reusable mask. Take, if needed. 1 PCs in 1 hand.” Next is another Bulletin: how to make a protection of the material at hand.

“the Mask should now be on each. Therefore, I urge you all to do forced vacations usefully, Nachev masks for themselves and their families,” explained 33-year-old mistress.

“custom mask I do not sew for two reasons. First, ashamed to cash in on human panic. Secondly, there is stitching anything,” she laughs. She mastered two new skills, videographer and mentor. Now hosted by social networks videos how to sew a mask. To deal with that even the most inexperienced hands.

But the hands of a skilled Alesina committed to diversity and excellence. When she was tired of sewing a simple white mask, she began to make joyful: multi-colored, with stars. Then reinforced, for physicians.

Help the hospital

Yaroslavl Industrialists free supply of hospital consumables and personal protective equipment.

a Whole wagon of its products were taken to the hospital named after Semashko in Yaroslavl is a company located in the village of Semibratovo of the Rostov area. It is reported by the Department of regional development and foreign trade activities. It’s been more than 28 thousands of special-purpose products, including web and sheet sets towels with dispensers, toilet paper high quality paper towels, etc.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Pilots will provide the hospital of Karelia oxygen to combat COVID-19

“Typically, these materials we buy ourselves in the natural cycle of the hospitals and have their own stock, – said the Deputy chief physician of the hospital Galina Semina. – Now a key task for us is preparation and training to save the lives of people from the coronavirus. We thank the representatives of the company because they took on the task of filling the Fund of consumable paper materials, eliminating the need for a long time to come.”

According to the Director of the enterprise Yaroslav Kokoreva, supplies were always needed, especially in such a difficult period, when, without a consolidation of efforts is impossible to overcome this infection. To the hospital named after Semashko, the company has provided grant aid clinic in the village of Semibratovo, which cooperates with the first year.

the Department said that a donation from the business also received the Yaroslavl hospital of veterans of wars, – there was placed the pipe systems of oxygen supply. A patron, who wished to remain anonymous, gave the hospital of Pereslavl-Zalessky personal protective equipment and necessary medicines.

“In the Yaroslavl region has many such examples of assistance – the Director of the Department Galina Peregina. Is a process in which one after the other cover companies. In tough times people help each other.”

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