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The President warned the authorities that would be regarded as criminal negligence inefficient use of time, which is to prepare for growth in the incidence of coronavirus. He also urged to take seriously the requirements of sanitary doctors
Vladimir Putin's residence in Novo-Ogarevo conducting a video meeting. It discusses the sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia in connection with the fight against novel coronavirus infection
In regions where the situation develops favorably with the incidence of coronavirus infection "freeze" the economy is not necessary, said the Kremlin. On the contrary, where possible, to ensure the continued production
Allowances for children aged 3 to 7 years in low-income families will be raised in Moscow. This was reported in his blog the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. He said that this is not a temporary measure, and constant. The amount of the payments will be 7613 rubles a month per each child
The Prime Minister said that through the portal of "public Services" contains information on 35 thousand Russian citizens living abroad and wishing to go home. 18 thousand have already been transferred to relevant departments for the organization of export
Vladimir Putin proposed to accrue payments for children from three to seven years, excluding revenues previously received at the place of work. "On the basis of previous inquiries, and from the present actual situation and problems of specific families," said the President
During a pandemic coronavirus families with children will be able to count on new measures of state support. In the state Duma explained the cases in which Russians relate to approved by the President of the measures and how to act to receive the payment
To talk about the possibility of making decision on reduction or extension of the regime of self-isolation in Russia is premature, says Dmitry Peskov. According to him, the effect of the regime will be clear only in the second half of next week
The government submitted to the state Duma a bill to reduce the size of fees for municipal services provided to people with disabilities. The document suggests that in the case of reducing the quality of public services, will need to recalculate
Russia resumes special flights for the return of their nationals from abroad. Today will be committed flights on route Bishkek-Yekaterinburg, Dhaka-Nizhny Novgorod. Information about subsequent flights will be posted on the portal and website stopmanager.Russia
The government approved mandatory for citizens and organizations rules of conduct when declaring an alert or emergency. Citizens and organizations need to follow the instructions of the representatives of the emergency services
The hospitals in the regions must be prepared for a potential admission of patients, because the peak incidence of coronavirus infection in Russia has not yet passed, said Mikhail Mishustin. "We can not exclude development of events according to the most difficult scenario," he added
Businesses can benefit from support measures, which were announced by the government, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. According to him, the Cabinet every hour to monitor the situation and is considering different options for continued assistance to entrepreneurs
The government distributed between the regions of 5.1 billion for incentive payments to doctors and medical personnel providing care to patients COVID-19 and citizens at risk. Only for payments to medical workers reserved 10.2 billion rubles
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on introduction of administrative and criminal responsibility for violation of the quarantine. When talking about serious consequences, the punishment is up to seven years of imprisonment.
They held a traditional meeting of the President with members of the government, but in a new format remote. It Michael Mishustin has told about what measures have been taken to support citizens and businesses, which will be approved in the future
Since March 30, temporarily restricted the movement through checkpoints on the Russian state border in order to prevent coronavirus. These measures do not affect commercial flights, he explained, "RG" experts
Monday, March 30, Russia fully closes land border crossings. The government believes that this measure will greatly help to limit the spread of coronavirus infection
Vladimir Putin instructed to set the rate of personal income tax 13% income interest on Bank deposits in the territory of Russia, and also in the form of interest on securities. We are talking about the income received from investments more than a million rubles a year
The head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller told the President about the continuous supply of "blue fuel" in the regions and abroad. He also reported on the work on possible gas supplies transit through Mongolia for the Chinese market, "the Power of Siberia - 2"
The deputies modified the bill for the sale of medicines via the Internet. The initial idea was to allow the online trade only over-the-counter drugs, but because of the coronavirus legalized the sale and prescription too. However, not all
The Russian President called it a good idea to extend the moratorium on inspections of small and medium-sized businesses. "We remember what you said, will try to implement it", - said Vladimir Putin at a meeting with entrepreneurs
The government in the Duma introduced a bill prohibiting to Institute criminal proceedings on bankruptcy case of emergency and material change in the exchange rate. A moratorium may be imposed in "exceptional cases", their list may be supplemented
March 26 marks the 20th anniversary of the day Vladimir Putin was first elected President of Russia. He got a sad legacy: a painful list of problems, the skepticism of the population, the foreign "partners." This was stated by Konstantin Kostin, Chairman of the Board of FRGO
Vladimir Putin made a televised address, in which he proposed to postpone the voting on the amendments to the Constitution at a later date because of the situation with coronavirus. In the Federation Council, told how will be assigned a new date
The head of state in a video message announced urgent measures to ensure the social protection of citizens, preservation of their income and jobs and to support small and medium businesses. Among them is a new payment to families, the deferral of taxes for business and vacation loans
In the next few hours Vladimir Putin will deliver an address to the citizens of the country in connection with the situation with coronavirus. The appeal will be broadcast on the Federal channels. The President had earlier canceled a planned departure to St. Petersburg
Michael Mishustin has promised strictly to punish the governors for shortcomings in the fight against coronavirus. "To neglect the health of people in such a dangerous period is unacceptable," - said the head of government
Two events dedicated to the fight against coronavirus, were held March 23 in the government. Mishustin discussed with the deputies the new measures support the economy and the labour market in the context of the pandemic and the preparedness of the health system
No quarantine in the near future in Russia, to enter not planned, reported today in the operational headquarters, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. "The ongoing set of adequate measures," - said the headquarters
In Russia tested six drugs against the coronavirus, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. "In the near future we hope that will be confirmed the safety and effectiveness of these developments, and can be used for the prevention and control of epidemic, - he noted
All attempts to create complexity to the inhabitants of the Crimea for reunification with Russia crumbled, said Vladimir Putin. "This is a fair and long-awaited event for the Crimean people, and for the whole country", - said the President
The procedure of registration of sick leave and payment of benefits for temporary disability to the citizens who are quarantined because of the coronavirus, approved by the government. We are talking about insured persons returning from countries with diseases and living with them
"If you think that the middle class is like living in France, in Germany or in the United States, it is not true", - said Vladimir Putin. The middle class in each country is different, he said, reminding about the methodology of the World Bank
The government needs to solve the problem of increasing the real incomes of Russians, said Vladimir Putin in the 16th series of videos-an interview with TASS. This issue is worked out, but the emphasis is on investment and support for specific populations
The MPs introduced a bill which proposes to reduce the share of the remuneration to pharmacy chains to five percent. the authors believe that this will help to stabilize prices in the drug market and support domestic pharmaceutical enterprises
Because of the coronavirus, the Ministry has banned the holding of international tournaments in Russia. The office also recommended that to limit the holding of all-Russian competitions. The sports arena was empty for an indefinite period
The Federation Council on March 14 in summarizing the results of voting in regional legislative Assembly on amendments to the Constitution. Already received 63 reviews. "The law approved by all the regions presented their position", - said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko
In the state Duma amendments for the second reading of the bill on amendments to the Constitution. Some of them concern the constitutional court. According to them, the COP will be able to determine whether to execute the decisions of foreign courts
The Committee of the state Duma has approved the amendment about fixing the basic law additional constraints on the highest officials of the Russian Federation. On the proposal of Vladimir Putin to the list of authorities, which deal with restrictions, enabled the President
The authorities have allowed the import of unregistered in Russia of medicines for palliative care. We are talking about the diazepam, and midazolam, clobazam, lorazepam and phenobarbital
Vladimir Putin at the expanded Board of the Ministry of interior instructed to increase the level of solved crimes, and to block access to Internet resources, propagandizing drugs. In addition, the President urged extremely hard to respond to the arbitrariness of the police
Vladimir Putin has supported the proposed amendments to the Constitution and emphasized that no reasonable proposal will not be lost. A nationwide vote will take place on 22 April
On why opposition protests and why Internet calls to kill the children of asguardian can unbalance the situation in the country, the President spoke in the fourth of a series of video interview with TASS for the project "20 questions to Vladimir Putin". It is dedicated to high-profile cases, Regardie and dispersals of rallies
The working group for preparation of amendments to the Constitution will discuss the specific wording with Vladimir Putin on February 26. It is already known that the preamble of the Basic Law decided not to change. Instead be prepared for changes in "profile" laws and codes
In the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, has received 266 amendments to the Constitution, and taking into account the proposals in the Working group - about 600. How's the work on the amendments to the Basic law of the country, "RG" said Pavel Krasheninnikov

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