Peskov told about the prospects of new business support measures

“Business can benefit from the support, which was announced by the government to make preferential loans to banks”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in a briefing for journalists. A Kremlin spokesman said that April 2 was the first day after documenting the initiative, and have already been contacting banks. “Not quite the system is adjusted, but this is the first day justified”, he said and expressed hope that it will work. Also entrepreneurs can benefit from other support measures that were mentioned earlier.

Photo: RIA Novosti Mishustin called the new measures to help Russians and business in a pandemic

“Different economists give voice to a variety of scenarios including the most pessimistic,” continued Sands. “The situation is really difficult, unprecedented. Of course, the government monitors the situation not the fact that every day – every hour – and depending on how it will develop, will be built a scenario of support measures”, – he explained.

the Question whether there is such a plan now, the representative of the Kremlin forwarded to the government. “All the plans are formulated still in the headquarters and coordination of the Commission,” he said.

On the question of whether there are other measures if companies can’t borrow, Peskov said: “While we have already announced and formalized support package. This is the Arsenal of measures of support that are now available to representatives of business”.

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/RIA Novosti the Cabinet will receive 2.6 billion roubles for urgent needs of small and medium business

Inasked about the possibility of grant aid to business is the representative of the Kremlin has also addressed to the Cabinet. “The situation is monitored hourly and discusses the various options for the continuation of support measures, depending on what scenario the situation will develop,” he said.

Peskov explained why the President on Thursday did not say about how to help entrepreneurs: “Because a week ago there was announced a package of measures to support business. Within a few days this initiative was formalized, legislated and documented”. “There is now an opportunity to use de facto and de jure, this set of measures. First you need to analyze how effective a set of measures, which on the eve has become implemented,” he said.

Calls to introduce a state of emergency and compensation of lost income to businesses in the Kremlin did not comment on: there is a coordination Committee headed by the Prime Minister, which is empowered to make decisions that it deems appropriate, which she does.