Which cars pass through the border after March 30

“Personal travel is prohibited, and the commercial is not” – said Vice-President, foreign trade Association of exporters and importers Yevgeny Leonov. It does not matter, you are lucky the cargo of a private entrepreneur or employee of a company, on a personal “gazelles” or on a truck of the employer. Across the border will miss the car with the goods only with the necessary documents.

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All documents are divided into three groups – vehicle documents (for example, diagnostic card, an insurance policy), documents on the driver (e.g., driver’s license) and documents relating to the goods. Only takes about 10 documents, experts say.

“the cargo should have all the documents: invoice, packing list, international bill of lading (CMR – for road transport)” – lists Yevgeny Leonov. The invoice is the main document, it is necessary during any transportation of goods for commercial purposes. It says that the consignor instructs the carrier to deliver the goods. Invoice is the General name of the account on payment, and on the packing list contains the complete list of goods in boxes, crates, pallets and other packaging.

in addition, you may need TIR Carnet (book of international transport by road), puts the legal counsel of the Russian Association of forwarding and logistics organizations Valery Tretyakov. Is the permission for the customs transit of goods across borders in sealed vehicles or containers with simplification of customs procedures. Valid this document in countries which have signed itinternational customs Convention, 1959 and 1975.

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Also in neighbouring countries there are agreements about the number passing through the border cars. On the basis of the agreements permits the carriage of goods. “Negotiation are difficult enough, but still a document on permit to transport the driver must be,” – said Tretyakov. On the transport of dangerous goods requires a separate documents and the goods, say due to phytosanitary control certificates are required.

the International commercial transportation is a serious professional transport services sector, experts say. If a person travels by car and carries its own weight, he will be missed. Or he will have to prove the need to travel.