Russia is March 30 fully closes state border

With the start of a pandemic coronavirus, the government gradually took steps to prevent the uncontrolled penetration of the disease into the country. Until now they dealt with the ban on entry for foreigners and closure of international passenger air service. While the Russians technically nothing prevented travel, for example, by car to any neighboring country, if it has yet to impose such restrictions. The exception was the border with China and Mongolia, where is a special mode of operation of checkpoints. But now Russia is isolated from the outside world almost completely.

Photo: Egor of Provornikov In Moscow has restricted the movement of citizens for coronavirus

Monday at midnight came into force the government decree on temporary restriction of movement across road, rail, pedestrian, river and mixed checkpoints, including via the land border with Belarus. An exception is made for citizens of Russia, non-diplomatic staff and employees of official missions, truck drivers, crews of river vessels and trains members of official delegations; for Russians traveling in connection with the death of a close relative upon presentation of a copy of the certificate or the death certificate and the document confirming the degree of kinship; for residents of the Kaliningrad region transiting through the Baltic States by train; for Russian citizens permanently residing in the DNR and LC. Restrictions do not apply to foreign nationals included in the order of 16 March about the ban on their entry into the Russian Federation.

“of Course we will not abandon our citizens who are now at different reasons have found themselves abroad, – stated the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the last meeting of the Presidium of the coordination Council for the fight against the spread of infection. – Ministry of transport and Ministry of foreign Affairs must ensure their return to their homeland, and the Federal air transport Agency will also assist the foreigners who are in our country, to reach home.” The General Lee will receive from the reserve Fund of the government of 1.5 billion rubles for compensation of expenses of airlines that organize flights for transportation of passengers from all over the world.

the Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova called this process the third wave of returning citizens and new challenges for the country. The first wave was in the February holidays, the second in March, and with both, she said, was able to cope. “We hope that our citizens will be responsible for all requirements which are necessary today”, – said the head of Department. But the experience of other countries, said Popova, shows that it is important how the control isolation of patients, so it is necessary to accelerate the execution of instructions for monitoring electronic trail.

Today, began in the country declared by the President hours a week. It will last until April 3 inclusive. At this period the government encouraged the regions to expand their rigid restrictions adopted in Moscow. “They relate primarily to the entertainment industry and leisure,” – said the head of the Cabinet.

Mikhail Mishustin appealed to the citizens to be in these days of awareness, to treat the decision seriously and responsibly, first and foremost to refrain from trips across the country, celebrations of important dates. “It is important to understand – as a rule, the new virus they bring from trips or catch them in crowded places,” – said Mishustin.

Photo: Marina Churilov “RG" explained the basic rules of self-isolation

Hard protective measures necessary to ensure that such incidents did not become more. They are produced by the government on the basis of the analysis of the steps taken in other States, and, of course, their effectiveness. “This restriction of entry, mobility, and isolation. The only way we can stop the spread of coronavirus infection across the country,” – said the Prime Minister.

“We understand that these restrictions are inconvenient, unpleasant, you have to change your habits, and for many it is seen as a kind of test, and quite serious. Let’s go through it with dignity: no preventive measures we can not do, and they are not dictated by desire in some way to limit people, and the need to reduce any movement, to cancel trips that are not caused by extreme circumstances,” said the Chairman of the government of the citizens.

Mishustin noted with regret that not everyone understands how the situation is serious, lightly think that they will not touch it. He advised such people to see what this approach has resulted in many countries of the world. “Our task is not to give a deadly virus to spread across the country. In this situation, the President and the government are obliged to take the necessary, even tough decisions, but they will work only if we are all together and everyone will support them, will strictly follow the rules in order not to worsen the situation, and not somewhere a thousand miles away, but at home, in the family, among relatives,” he said. “To be at home is the most important thing for each of us. This is a small limitation compared to life and health”, – said Mikhail Mishustin.


As explained “RG” in the Federal customs service, the restriction applies to road, rail, pedestrian, river and mixed crossings and introduced in order to prevent penetration into the territory of Russia coronavirus infection. “Movement trucks and freight trains is not terminated”, – said the Agency.

Rospotrebnadzor recommends to organize the reception of imported goods in Russia such a way as to minimize the unloading of the contact driver of foreign trucks with those who receives the goods. Foreign after unloading required as quickly as possible to leave our country. If foreign drivers still need to stay in Russia, it is necessary to observe the regime of self-isolation. Foreign truckers will not be able to rent a room in a hotel, hostel, Dorm and other places where a driver can in the same room to be other people. Those who order the delivery of the goods, must take care of separate accommodation for the driver, if necessary.

the same rules apply to Russian legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are engaged in independent delivery of goods from abroad. The drivers coming from countries in which cases of COVID-19, must undergo quarantine in terms of self-isolation. Mode isolation should be provided by the employer in the region, where the driver delivered the goods. If truckers do not follow the rules, they can be prosecuted and forced to deliver in hospital. If you feel unwell, the driver must immediately inform their employer and call center oberstab to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Putin instructed to determine the list of the most affected by the coronavirus industries

the Closure will not affect commercial flights, said the Vice-President, foreign trade Association of exporters and importers Yevgeny Leonov. It does not matter, you are lucky the cargo of a private entrepreneur or employee of a company, on a personal “gazelles” or on the wagon of the employer. Across the border will miss the car with the goods only with the necessary documents. They are divided into three groups – vehicle documents (diagnostic card, compulsory policy of insuranceI), documents on the driver (driver’s licence) and documents (invoice, packing list, international bill of lading (CMR – for road transport). Just requires about ten documents. The invoice is the main document, it is necessary during any transportation of goods for commercial purposes. It says that the consignor instructs the carrier to deliver the goods. Invoice is the General name of the account on payment, and on the packing list contains the complete list of goods in boxes, crates, pallets and other packaging.

in addition, you may need TIR Carnet (book of international transport by road), puts the legal counsel of the Russian Association of forwarding and logistics organizations Valery Tretyakov. Is the permission for the customs transit of goods across borders in sealed vehicles or containers with simplification of customs procedures. This document is valid in the signatory countries of the international customs Convention of 1959 and 1975.

Russia has with neighboring countries there are agreements about the number passing through the border cars. On the basis of the agreements permits the carriage of goods. “Negotiation are difficult enough, but still a document on permit to transport the driver must be,” – said Tretyakov. On the transport of dangerous goods requires a separate documents and the goods, say due to phytosanitary control.

the International commercial transportation is a serious professional transport services sector, experts say. If a person travels by car and carries its own weight, he will be missed. Or he will have to prove the need to travel.

Prepared by Evgeny Gayva, Olga Ignatova, Yuliya Krivoshapko