Putin held a meeting with government members in remote mode

Vladimir Putin noted that the remote way of working on its quality not affected, on the contrary, the format can settle down: nowhere to go, save time, and machines with flashing lights on the roads will be less that the citizens enjoy. The head of state urged to give their all to achieve the results the country expects. “In our system, each bayonet important today,” he said, urging members of the Cabinet of Ministers to take responsibility for their health.

COVID-19: the situation is complicated

“in our country the situation becomes more complicated. The world is very complicated situation with coronavirus: 850 thousand people are already sick,” he cited the figures the President. In Russia – 2777 cases, he said. Reported to the head of the operational headquarters, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova: in Russia, the incidence recorded in 75 regions, during the day, an increase of 440 cases. “That is the number of people diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection, for the last day increased by 18.8 percent, she said. Unfortunately, 24 persons died. Recovered 190”.

While in regions 10 cases of a new coronavirus infection are not registered, but can not relax: daily number of regions involved is growing. Assessing the three days, the head of the operational staff proposed to extend measures of social distancing, based on the epidemic situation in the territory of a specific region, taking into account the compromise between restrictive measures and economic development.

Putin noted the need to cover the costs of the institutions of culture

on March 11 the country was visited by 825 031 people, it is much appreciated by the President. Only a day expected 1400, for a total of nearly 20 thousand. People are returning to their homeland, Putin said, but Russia bear a certain load. Already established how to control the visitors, assured Golikova: daily in the Moscow hub should arrive no more than 500 people, and in the airports of other cities to 200. It will tolerate a large burden on the doctors and nekontroliruemwith heater the spread of infection.

the observation is now 1777 people, forced isolation – 292 740, and the President asked the Minister about the free access to socially important Internet resources for those who are forced to stay home. The Minister Maksut Shadaev reported: five largest Telecom operators, which cover 70 percent of households, supported the initiative: those who cannot pay for Internet, to maintain access to socially significant sites. The pilot project was launched and will end on 1 July. The list of sought-after resources 370 sites and services in 18 categories. Daily audience exceeds 50 million people and is 99 percent of Russian resources – social networks, email, instant messaging, news sites, online media, websites of government agencies and public services, Internet-shops, aggregators and delivery services, banking and financial services, job search and career development. Maksut Shadaev also said that it is necessary to enter the service of e-hospital and e-prescription.

Five largest Telecom operators to support the initiative: those who cannot pay for Internet, to maintain access to socially meaningful saitamaken preparing a new action

At the meeting the President announced new measures to support the economy in connection with the spread of the coronavirus that causes them is preparing a Cabinet. “The government is preparing new proposals to support the economy and individual industries in accordance with the situation at this time and appear to be experts, will develop in the near future,” Putin said, adding that “several times a day” discusses these issues with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

the Prime Minister has announced the implementation of instructions of the President declared in an appeal to Russians: to the government and Parliament worked quickly. We are talking about the support of citizens and businesses. “In total combat the spread of coronavirus infection and the implementation of antikrizisnig activities by the Ministry of Finance has reserved 1.4 trillion rubles,” he said.

He also referred to the second package. Is to support regional budgets (in the state Treasury reserved 171 billion roubles), support of employment (short-term preferential loans to small and medium businesses to pay salaries under the guarantee of the VEB Bank, the amount of support of 150 billion roubles), as well as additional measures to ensure economic stability. The President instructed to make when the delay ended, the business would not have to pay the entire debt in six months.

Photo: RIA Novosti Russians on quarantine will report on wellbeing through public services

the Head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin said that the fall in GDP can amount this year from 3 to 5%, maybe like in 2009, and almost 8. Still in shock situations in the oil market.

“Indeed, the situation is difficult. We’ve got a double punch: it’s impact on the economy of coronavirus infection, the decline in business activity. This is a serious test for the labor market”, – stated the President. And of course, the fall in oil prices. Putin recalled a telephone conversation with his us counterpart and noticed that for the US economy this ordeal. But if the work on the new deposits will stop, the inevitable and strong price surge in the market that nobody wants. Therefore, together with the main producers and consumers need to develop solutions that will soften the situation on the market. “And for our economy – indeed, this is a very serious challenge,” he agreed. Therefore, the government is preparing new proposals to support the economy and individual industries.

There is bread – there is a confidence

Another topic was agriculture. The President proposed to discuss the coming spring field Rwork. “We have a lot of problems, but I want to eat every day. We understand how important it is, therefore, no matter what, this is the industry that must operate virtually continuously, as well as some other sectors of the economy”, – noted he.

– and just the internal state of our citizens in a considerable degree also depends on how the agricultural sector, he said. Because when the bread is, then there is an inner confidence in the fact that in other industries we will achieve positive results and overcome all these time, no doubt, temporary difficulties that we face today, as well as almost all other countries of the world.

the Situation on the food market amid the spread of the coronavirus is stable, said Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko. The regions form a continuous two-month supply of basic products. “The peak demand occurred on 14 and 15 March. Now the excessive demand for goods is not observed”, – she assured. This also applies to goods storage.


Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws aimed at supporting citizens and businesses in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. In particular, the President approved the provision on the calculation of payments for sick leave based on the minimum wage and the receipt of payments to the child without the application. Also signed a law on deferred taxes and impact of tax control, reduction of insurance premiums for small and medium business for the period from 1 January until 31 December 2020. Moreover, approved amendments to the criminal code and the administrative code to toughen responsibility for violation of quarantine and fakes about the pandemic. Another document in 2020 to redirect funds to fight COVID-19 without making any changes in Federal, regional and local budgets.

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