Putin signed a law on fines and sentence for violation of quarantine

a violation of the sanitary rules during the period of emergency or in the event of the threat of the spread of dangerous diseases, in the period of implementation on the corresponding territory of restrictive actions (quarantine).

For such offences introduced fines for citizens in the amount from 15 to 40 thousand rubles, for officials and entrepreneurs – from 50 to 150 thousand rubles, for legal entities – from 200 to 500 thousand rubles. As alternative penalties for organisations and individual entrepreneurs possible administrative suspension of activity for up to 90 days.

Photo: Sputnik/Ekaterina Shtukina/Pool via REUTERS Citizens on the quarantine report about the health of the state services website

If these violations have caused harm to human health or caused his death, provides an administrative penalty for citizens – from 150 to 300 thousand rubles, for officials – from 300 to 500 thousand rubles for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities – from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles or administrative suspension of activity for up to 90 days.

In the administrative article is about those cases where the acts do not contain signs of a crime.

If specified, it will also have a law about criminal responsibility.

In case of an outbreak of mass diseases or poisoning of people, the court may impose a fine from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles. It is also possible deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years. If the violation caused the death of a person by negligence, the penalty can be from 1 to 2 million rubles and imprisonment up to five years. Up to seven years in prison if the violation of the requirements you killed two or more people.

Photo: iStock Roskoshestvo gave advice on how to keep calm during the quarantine

In the state Duma earlier explained that we are talking about causing harm to others health or death by negligence. If there is intent, then the act would qualify as either terrorism or hooliganism, or as a diversion.

In Russia on quarantine in connection with the threat of infection with coronavirus are 3.3 million people, said the President.

“the observation is only 1777, on isolation – 292 740 thousand people”, – he said during the videoconference with members of the government.

Recall that the quarantine in question is different from the regime of isolation imposed in several regions, including in Moscow and region for all residents. Quarantine requirements apply to infected citizens and have returned to Russia from countries with dysfunctional epigastrium.