Calls Zoom were the subject of the film

the Short film, which was directed by Film producers ParaSHOOT nick Zhiznevskaya and George Andrey with directed by Aksinya Gog, became the first winner of the project of Timur Bekmambetov’s “History of quarantine”, which the Director said during an online interview in “RG”. Recall that this is a contest of stories virtual activity of people in a pandemic, is told in the format of Screenlife. Shooting a short film took place remotely – the actors and Director talked with each other via video link.

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the Action “Udalenka” unfolds on the screens of participants in a video call, where the boss of the firm (played by the star of “Interns” Svetlana Kamynina – the performer of the role of the physician Anastasia Kisegach) discusses anti-crisis measures and, refusing to accept the new realities, trying to motivate their employees to feats of labor in the context of pandemic coronavirus. Her subordinates, being in isolation at home, trying to find a new balance between work and personal life. Participants played Aglaia Tarasova (“Ice”, “Ice 2”), Alexander Revenko (“Kept”), Boris Dergachev Artem Tkachenko. However, a call to Zoom is not only a sign of a new time for business, but also a serious test for the personal lives of the characters.

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the Plot of “Udalenka”, according to the contest narrated in the format of Screenlife, when the story takes place on etap your computer or phone, and the virtual activity of the characters – calls, chats, files, and browser history – become full-fledged actors.

the project Participants are not novices in the genre of technological movie and Screenlife. In March of this year Aksinya Gog has released a five-hour film, shot in the Hermitage on the smartphone in one take. Actor Artem Tkachenko previously played in the series about the virtual activity, “Sparta”, released on the First channel.