On TV show series about a maniac who attempted to Alla Pugacheva

the Case of the attempt on Alla Pugacheva was kept secret for almost 20 years: the serial killer Anatoly Nagiyev, known by the nickname Mad, hunting a Diva in the late ‘ 70s. he First became acquainted with the work of the singer in “places not so remote” and it was then decided that Alla should belong only to him. He moved to Moscow, guarded her from concert halls, and even once got backstage. After his arrest he found in the house “iconostasis” with Pugacheva: for several months he was a shadow artist, pursuing her every step.

Thus, the time of action in the new series – the late ‘ 70s. Lieutenant Colonel Gordin (just in this role, Alexander Ustyugov) and captain Kolesnikov (Kirill Nazarov) are investigating a failed attempt on the life of the main stars of the Soviet music. Gordin sure that the crime is his “old friend” – a ruthless assassin, to whom he gave the nickname Chameleon (Artem Bystrov). At this time in Moscow and the Moscow region takes several murders, which at first glance are not connected, but in the mouth of each victim, the killer leaves a “black mark”. Gordin and Kolesnikov trying to unravel the riddle – who and what “ordered” the chameleon murder of a singer, as all the victims are related and what their relationship was with the artist? The answers to these questions, yet knows only the Chameleon, which in a criminal gang known under the nickname Niemczyk.

Photo: Provided by the channel Serial film “zulaikha opens her eyes” began to “Russia 1”

“Himself looking forward to premiere and along with the audience will stand, because it’s very dramatic the IPthorium. Though the film is based on real events, the line of Alla is not the main intrigue. It is rather the story of how a man overcomes himself as he tries to get to the truth and to prove to everyone that he is a man, operative, detective,” says Alexander Ustyugov, who plays Gordin.

the role of the main singer of the Soviet Union will be performed by young actress Anna Khristich. To try on the role, the actress studied the works of the most brilliant singers of the late ‘ 70s, watched movies, concerts, videos, speeches, interviews: “In my opinion, in the Russian film industry rarely pay attention to the causation of childhood and extended consequences on the mental development of man at the time, like almost every Hollywood movie about of any individual, even if it is sad outstanding, is built on this connection. And secondly, this is a unique opportunity to play a superstar, try out this extraordinary way of living life, the dream, how he walks, breathes, rejoices, works, laid out a star of this magnitude,” says Anna Khristich

the creators of the project was invited to voice the narration of Leonid Kanevsky, the permanent lead author of cycle of documentaries on the most notorious crimes committed in the USSR “the Investigation led…”.