What not to miss on TV and online in the week from 13 to 19 April

Gifts for Alla

the birth Date of singer Alla Pugacheva is known all over the country on April 15. The first channel has prepared several programs dedicated to the event. Concert of Maxim Galkin – 19 April at 17:25. The documentary “Maxim Galkin: My wife – Alla Pugacheva” – APR 18 at 17:45. The idea of the film arose by chance. Galkin actively maintains a personal account in Instagram and regularly posts family videos, shares with followers footage of his personal life. This is the most vivid and unexpected moments, with the sparkling reviews and exclusive stories. Alla today rarely appears in TV programs than in the commercials of Maxim.

Photo: Eugene biyatov/ RIA Novosti Series Bogomolov about love during the quarantine will be released at the end of April

a gala concert “a Gift for Alla” will be shown April 18 at 18:50. It is dedicated to the anniversary of Alla. On the stage Diva celebrated the stars of domestic show-business: Sergey Shnurov and group “Leningrad”, Nikolay Baskov, Pelageya, Love Uspensky, Igor Krutoy, Dimash, Angelica Varum, Alexander Buinov, Igor Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova, Alexander Rosenbaum, Grigory Leps, Emin, Yulianna Karaulova, Valery Meladze, Lolita, Valery Leontiev, “A-Studio”, Dmitry Malikov, Jasmine, Dima Bilan, Svetlana Loboda, Philip. Presenter Maxim Galkin.

the First channel, 18 and 19 April

zulaikha learns to forgive

On TV channel “Russia-1” long-awaited premiere of spring – a serial film “zulaikha opens his eyes”. The new film continues the tradition of TV channel “Russia” – the creation of adaptations of classics and contemporary literature. Now to the most significant works translated into the language of film, joined in the book the Guzel Agenoy. Along with the premiere of the film adaptation comes out butthe first edition of the novel “zulaikha opens his eyes”. In the design of the book used the movie poster, created on “Russia-1”.

the Film will tell about how in the winter of 1930, at the Tatar peasant Sulayhi (Chulpan Khamatova) killed her husband, and herself, along with hundreds of other settlers are sent by hard route to Siberia. Get there thirty exiles. Illiterate peasants and Leningrad intellectuals, lumpen and criminals, Muslims and Christians, pagans and atheists, Russians, Tatars, Germans, Chuvash. They defend the forest and ruthless state their right to life. Zulaikha finds the strength to go through all the tests, the main one being forgiveness, and finds love. In the film adaptation also starred Sergey Makovetskiy, Roza Khairullina, Julia Peresild, Roman Madyanov, Evgeny Morozov, Alexander Bashirov and others. Director – Egor Anashkin.

“Russia-1”, 13 April, 21:00

piggy and Karkusha now on NTV

Favorite characters from “good night, kids!” Piggy, bear, Karkusha, Phil is now on NTV. The famous program appeared on the channel “Russia-1”, then moved on to “Carousel”. And now will be more on the “fourth button”.

Favorite characters “good night, kids!” on NTV became the leading new column “know-it-all” in the program “Morning. The best.” Together with the audience they will greet every new day in order to spend it as useful and interesting. The legendary heroes transfer will talk about exotic Pets, to share unusual facts about the world and will tour through the most beautiful places of our planet. Also piggy, bear, Karkusha and Phil will help kids to understand why it is necessary to wash hands, and explain that now it is especially important.

Photo: PR NTV

NTV, Monday-Friday 6:45

Vladimir Vasiliev – 80

people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Vasilyev, a prominent artistthe ballet choreographer, choreographer, teacher, 18 APR, is 80 years old. After retiring from the stage, he became in demand as a choreographer, ballet master and teacher, and his multi-faceted personality was revealed, and from other, unexpected sides. For example, showed talent in drawing and poetry.

Photo: instagram.com/mikhailovskytheatre Artists of the Mikhailovsky theatre showed the ballet in isolation

on the 80th anniversary of Vasiliev in the TV channel “Russia By” four-part documentary film “Big ballet” (13-16 April at 0:00; repeat from 14 to 17 April in the afternoon). Immediately after – 13-16 April at 0:25-0:30 (repeat 14-17 April) – performances with participation of actors: “road House” – the film-ballet by Valery Gavrilin, based on the works of Aleksandr Tvardovsky, “Vladimir Vasilyev. And skill, and inspiration…” – scenes from the ballets, the film-ballet “Duet.” Also on the broadcast will show you how Vasiliev passes his experience and shares his secrets with a new generation of dancers. The shooting took place in 2018 in the Perm academic theatre of Opera and ballet. P. I. Tchaikovsky.

In his birthday, April 18, Vladimir Vasiliev will be brought to viewers in one of the most important for the parties of Spartacus in the eponymous film-ballet (15:20). And immediately after at 16:50 the audience will meet with the celebrant in the program “life Line”.

in addition, the TV channel “TV Center” will present the documentary “Vladimir Vasilyev. The whole truth about yourself.” The screening will take place on April 17 and will begin at 00:50.


In the week from 13 to 19 April, the TV channel “Russia To” continue showing television series ACADEMIA. Look on weekdays from Monday to Thursday at 12:30, and Friday at 12:35. The topic of the lecture Natalia Basovskaya – “the Spiritual atmosphere of the early middle Ages in Western Europe”. Efir – 13 and 14 April. About the future of quantum technology 15 APR tell Tommaso Kalarko. Also, two lectures will be Sigurd Schmidt’s “history of the Russian state” N. M.Karamzin”: the creation of a “History of the Russian state” and the history of the perception of this work by his contemporaries and subsequent generations (April 16 and April 17).

“Russia K”, from 13 April to 19 April

Galustyan beat Banderas

Actor and showman Mikhail Galustyan returns to the world series with the scientific and entertainment based STS “Misha spoils”, where he will try dozens of images from Antonio Banderas and Jim Carrey to the postman Pechkin and Kashpirovsky. In each episode his hero, annoying genius Mike saves the average family Gorshkov from “divorce” marketers, stereotypes and imposed traditions. Sketchcom “Misha spoils” is an adaptation of the British series “Adam ruins everything” which for three seasons was led by the popular comedian, actor and host Adam Conover. In recognition of the producer of the project “Misha spoils”, the Russian version has some differences.

Photo: TV Channel On channel “Friday!” kicks off the show with Barnabas and Gudkov

“In the original the protagonist is always in the same way botany with glasses. But when there is such a heavy comedic tool in the form of Michael Galustyan, sin not to use them, so our Misha is always different,” said creative producer Timur Akavov.

to Debunk the myths help the main character of star experts, dermatologists, toxicologists, marketing specialists, gynecologists and other specialists. For example, in one series appears the Deputy of the State Duma and former boxer Nikolai Valuev.

STS, 13 April, 19:00

the heart to calm down?

On TV channel “Home” in the loop “Factory melodrama” will be premera four-part action painting “In the same river twice.” After the death of his daughter Irina (Maria Shumakova) and Alexander (Dmitry Palamarchuk) are unable to cope with their grief and divorced. Irina married friend Sasha, businessman Igor (Stepan Beketov). He also gave his life and took up with another woman. But in their case, time does not heal, and ex-spouses meet each year to remember the baby. Gradually, Irina realizes that she loves ex-husband, and he also can not live without her. They begin to secretly cheat on their spouses, falling in love again more and more. Will they be able to overcome the mistakes of the past and to start a family again or will remain in the new life?

the Premiere of the four-part romantic painting “Love heals” will be shown April 17. Business lady Svetlana (Ekaterina Volkova) is so obsessed with work that does not have time to pay attention to her husband Victor (Andrei Zavodyuk) and son-teenager. But her life changes dramatically when, during a routine examination, she discovers a dangerous disease. Victor the terrible news reacts ambiguously. But the sincere support of the Light having the colleague Alexey (Roman Polanski). It soon becomes clear that the results of the Lights were confused with the results of other girls, and she is completely healthy. But her life changes dramatically.

“Home”, on 16 and 17 April, 19.00

ТНТ4 show popular Comedy show Runet

In the air ТНТ4 will present the most funny show from Comedy enterprises LABELCOM: “What next?” “Lightning Creek”, “the Call”, “Who’s the comedian?” This means that transmission from the pool of comedians, you can watch even in places where it is not carried out fast Internet and no catches mobile communications.

Frame from the show “What happened next?”. Photo: courtesy of TNT

LABELCOM is comedians who are experimenting with formats in the Internet, are undermining the boundaries of humor and entertain millions of its subscribers. As part of the Association Nurlan Saburov of StandUp on TNT, Alecthis Scherbakov and Sergei Detkov of “Doneness” on ТНТ4, the Duo “Lena cook” Comedy of battle, Eugene Chebatkov, Rasoul Chavdarov and others. The secret of success – they just do what they like. These projects are funny, bold and innovative. The channel was already released popular on the Internet “Show Big Russian Boss”, and ТНТ4 continues to introduce the TV audience to the best of YouTube trends.

ТНТ4, 13 April, 23:00

Sport and the story

On the channel “movie Premiere” two loud news. He first on the Russian TV show, the domestic sports drama “Lev Yashin. The goalie of my dreams” about the best goalkeeper of the XX century and the legend of the Moscow football club “Dynamo”. Starring – Alexander Fokin and Yuliya Hlynina.

Also for the first time on Russian TV shows the continuation of the fabulous story of the dark sorceress played by Angelina Jolie – “Maleficent: mistress of the dark”. The second part of a colorful family fantasy collected in the Russian hire more than 1 billion rubles.

“movie Premiere”, on 14 and 15 April, 20:30

At depth

the Documentary film “Underwater universe” will tell about the underwater wildlife, demonstrate the remarkable diversity of ocean ecosystems and how we must act now to protect them from irreversible damage. As marine life is under increasing threat from human activities, understanding the hidden lives of these magnificent creatures is more important than ever to ensure their survival. In each episode of the series highlights key issues affecting our oceans, and shows that we can do to prevent these potentially disastrous consequences.

HDL, 13 April, on weekdays 20:50

Main heroines – women

just three high-profile series premieres on the service “Amediateka” 13 APR. The first – the third season of “Killing eve”. A deadly game between a hired killer Villanelle and smartest employee of intelligence services Eva continues. In the third season EPisodecanol role appears the Creator of the series, Phoebe Waller-bridge, who will play a new victim of the inexorable Villanelle. In addition, new episodes of the series now meets showrunner Susan Heathcote (“Fear the walking dead”).

the First season of “Run” is a Comedy Thriller from the Creator of “Killing eve”, Phoebe Waller-bridge. “Run” – the story is tired from the routine of the girl ruby. One day she receives a message from her ex-boyfriend Billy, who became famous life-coach: he asks her to go into the intriguing journey. Of course, ruby immediately agrees, and that decision changed her life. Waller-bridge is working again with Vicky Jones (“Killing eve”, “Stuff”) and also appears in “Run,” she played a small role.

the Fourth season of “White crow”, the author’s project of actress Issa RAE, continues to explore the complex racial question is surprisingly easy and fun, but not smoothing at sharp corners.

“Amediateka”, from April 13

Traders reveal the plot

the First season of “the Devils” already in the end of the week. The star of “grey’s Anatomy” Patrick Dempsey reveals unexpected facets of his talent in this sophisticated Thriller. Based on the novel by Guido Maria Brera tells about a group of traders large investment Bank, which unexpectedly reveal the threat the financial conspiracy of magnificent proportions. The creators of “Devils” worked on such masterpieces as “Sherlock” and “the Magnificent Medici”, so the viewer is waiting for a fascinating journey into the world of intrigue and intricate mysteries.

“Amediateka”, from April 18

Meeting on the set of

the First season of Adult material arrived in Russia piping hot – just had its premiere at the festival series Mania Series. World premiere – April 16, Russian just a day later. This is the new project Director of the TV series “Dark beginnings” and “trust” the Dawn of Shadforth.

jolene is a mother of three children, a successful woman and one of the most famous British porn actress. OdNadi on the set she meets 19-year-old Amy, following the meeting at which her life will change forever. The series is Adult Material – an unusual view of the adult entertainment industry and its impact on popular culture.

“Kinopoisk HD”, from April 17

House for kids and adults

On the Apple TV+ , which is now free, will take place two premiere. The first animated movie “Our house. How to live on planet Earth”. On the eve of Earth Day, a little boy learns about the wonders of the planet thanks to the parents and mystery exhibit at the Museum of everything. Painting made based on the popular children’s book by Oliver Jeffers.

the Documentary TV series “House” will invite the viewer into the most incredible homes in the world, innovative and inspiring. In the series you can meet their owners, who reinterpreted the traditional concept of home and created their own and unique life style.

Photo: courtesy Apple