Boris Berman advised what movies and TV shows to watch in isolation

Boris Berman, broadcaster, journalist:


1), “Babylon Berlin” (Germany). Crime Saga about the times of the Weimar Republic. Dynamic plot, charismatic actors. And, of course, lots of love, of course, tragic.

Photo: From personal archive of Nikolai Baskov Nikolai Baskov advised that looking in isolation

2) “Germany 83”. A soldier from the army of the GDR the Stasi recruiting service and embeds it into the environment of the leadership of the Bundeswehr. However, the guy becomes a blunt instrument of espionage, he stares at the new world and asks questions, the answers to which he himself scare… In the GDR, the hero is survived by his mother and girlfriend, they become hostages of the Stasi… a Social drama with a strong dose of melodrama.

3) “Germany is 86”. The continuing adventures of the East German spy. But circumstances have changed: East Germany in crisis, the leadership of the Stasi was afraid of the consequences of Gorbachev’s policies. The hero begins to play a double game. The plot twists, and romance becomes a tragedy. The series is very addicting.

4) “the other side” (USA). The dystopia of a world divided into two parts. People from these two worlds, though similar in appearance, fighting with each other. This is a film about hatred, which is worse than any epidemic. However, among the characters of the series, there are those who understand the fatal consequences of hatred and trying to stop her. The plot is based largely on the mysterious and alluring theme of duplicity… In the title role (and in fact, in two roles) Oscar-winner George.To.Simmons. An outstanding acting job. The show is a hypnotic effect, impossible to resist…

5) “Morning show” (USA). The series about kait is TV, or rather that, as they say, behind the curtain: the passions high and low, honesty and betrayal, selflessness and greed… the Level of drama and directing, I’d say space. First class actors: Jennifer aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, mark Duplass.


6) “Lovers”, 1984. One of the best in world cinema a film about love. The brilliant Duo of Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro.

7) “revolutionary Road”, 2008. Another movie about love, or rather its collapse. Deep psychological analysis of situations that are known to many of us, but we are often not able to cope with them… This film, I think, to help. Starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Photo credit: Ekaterina Chesnokova/RIA Novosti Yuliya Snigir recommends what movies to watch in isolation

8) “the Beautiful era” (France, 2019). The most subtle and accurate picture about the fact that we should not give up even in the most dramatic moments of life. And that the past does not always pulls us down, memories of him can help today. The film is witty and touching. Starring Daniel Auteuil.

9) “Irina palm will do IT better” (Belgium/Germany/England/France, 2007). 50-year-old heroine to collect money for the operation of the grandson, is forced to get a job in the salon of erotic services… But! Such a piquant situation becomes in the end, the plot is a love story… romance Is in the highest sense of the word. Starring the legendary rock singer of 60-70 (and some time girlfriend of Mick Jagger) Marianne EPS. Film from the category of “piece” is unforgettable. Current popular films.

10) “Holy week” (PaulISA, 1995). A film by Andrzej Wajda takes us to Poland during the Nazi occupation. Venue – the Warsaw ghetto. This is a picture of how it manifested human characters, their best features and, alas, the worst. Someone helped Jews, and someone gave them. The film is honest and moving.