What projects were popular musicians in isolation

it’s Amazing how quickly caught on to this new idea of online concerts. Due to economic disadvantages and troublesome for the musicians themselves, at first I could not believe that they will become regular. In fact: any money for tickets sold or other income, but the care and costs through the roof! To find and rent a hall, to bring and connect the instrument, instrument and stage light, pay for the work of the technicians.

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But after rapper Basta and “Bi-2” (the concert of the rock band looked on the Internet for more than two and a half million people), caught up with their instruments, venues and studios and others. Peter nalitch, Vyacheslav Butusov, Polina Gagarina, Garik Sukachev, Valeriya, Emin, Maxim Leonidov, group, IOWA, very soon – 10 April and a concert “Aria”.

during the three weeks online given 18 concerts of performers, tickets for live performances which was hard to find. And now they were free. And in an improved format: the artists also responded to questions from the audience during live concerts never did.

the most regularly these online concerts organizes multimedia service OKKO – two times a week. Probably at a loss, but with the logical wisdom: coronaviruses come and go, but a new appreciative audience will be…

the Only one who, despite the hype, never made online, as promised – the St. Petersburg group “spleen”. The official reason for the cancellation of their “appartment” was not named and it is believed that he simply “moved”. We will wait, when will I be notified of the new date. Listen to “spleen”, of course, is also desirable. Especially his hit “Bend the line”, “Pyramid”, “Orchestra” and “We, the wise”.

by the Way, was approved and a new industry – almost like mushrooms began to grow platform, promising to hold online concerts on a paid basis: the audience will need to buy a subscription to view, and part of the profits will go to the musicians, which today in connection with the cancellation of concerts and touring, yet nothing to gain.

in the meantime, producers and artists are at home they have ideas of new projects and festivals. Alexey Kortnev said that “Accident” would record the song on video and upload them to the Internet every three days. Moreover, each of the musicians will play at home, record audio and video on the device, and then all this will be mounted in the format of the clip. Monday, April 6 premiere of the video “the World in the time of cholera”. And three days ago, you can see the “Veggies in quarantine” (remake of their hit ‘ 90s “Vegetable tango”).

Another interesting idea, which has carried out the creators of the festival “wild mint”. Every two weeks his producer Andrew Klyukin and presenter Yuli Vorontsov will be represented on the YouTube channel of this open-air participants. And they will sing and answer questions. The first concerts were set for this Wednesday, April 8. The next two weeks. And all these performances and creative meetings scheduled twenty-one.

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But the most interesting and unusual activity for the pores of isolation suggested that perhaps the lead singer of IOWA Katya ivanchikova. Told that they now agree with the Hermitage “of online discussion of art – van Gogh, Gauguin… are We going to see comments to each other, to hear what the tour guide tells us. The format is very cool…”

Obviously, so will gradually get to other museums.

And then the musicians will offer more ideas, unexpected projects… Although, of course, want to be the coronavirus was quickly defeated, and all we would go back to normal life.

Well, the best advice for the current times again gave Zemfira. It is easy to sit at home to be creative and to help the elderly. However, here are her words.

Direct speech

updated: Then we’ll be

– In these strange days when no one understands, I’m sitting at home, every day I go from one tool to another, trying to put my thoughts and feelings in song. Now more can not do anything. Want to help the elderly want to be useful. That time has come – as in the novels of my favorite Philip K. dick – indefinitely.

to stay at home to protect loved ones. Then we all will. Both the album and the tour and everything. But now we all have to freeze in order to survive.