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Late in the evening of 12 April (outside of signing of this number in print), the energy Ministers of the OPEC countries+ will hold a new videoconferencia – apparently, for the final initialling of the text of the agreement on joint reduction in the production of "black gold". In Russia, many industry experts believe that, without this agreement, the domestic producers would have to cut the power in half. Now the barrel there is every chance that his price went back to the bar at $40, maybe even higher. So the cost of the "barrel" will help the domestic budget go a year without "holes" that need to be close from the reserve funds. However, for the oil industry, revenues from which fill about half of the Treasury, and the contract threatens to decline by 15%.
The Russian economy may need significantly more financial assistance from the state. About this stated the head of "Business Russia" Alexey Repik.
An emergency meeting of OPEC countries+ scheduled for April 9, which will be held in format of teleconference – the center of attention of market players all over the world. The stakes are high: either the States together fail to agree on the reduction of production volumes of "black gold", or the barrel will fall to record low levels, bringing the economies of producing countries, and so lying on the side of the pandemic, a new untold disaster. A lot depends on participation in the dialogue States that have not previously been aside from cutting production. According to preliminary data, the consent to capacity limitation gave Norway, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, and Canada and the United States. However, the participation of the two countries in remote negotiations are not officially confirmed.
Global GDP due to the pandemic will not receive for two years of more than $5 trillion, which is comparable with the annual volume of industrial production of Japan, writes Bloomberg with reference to the assessment of the banks on wall street. However, as the epidemic of the coronavirus will not guarantee that the world will get off this damage, but not 2-3 times more. As for Russia, then, according to the respondents "MK" experts to judge its economic prospects and losses is even more thankless.
The issue of withdrawal from the moral and financial crisis after the quarantine, the viability of online shows and reduced ticket prices discussed creative Director and Director of state theatres. Of course, online.
Growth of overdue credit debt of the population to 10% the President of the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA) Elman Mehdiyev. It stipulates that if properly work launched by the authorities the mechanism of vacation credit, by the end of the year number of debtors with overdue payments will grow by only 0.5-0.7 million people. However, banks are clearly not in a hurry to provide their customers caught in difficult life situation in connection with the pandemic, delay: according to the Bank, is met only 15% of all clients is to provide them with holidays. In this situation, the volume of overdue debt in the country by the end of the year will grow two times, and the expense of violators will go to the tens of millions, experts warn.
Food will start to go up in retail in the near future. Estimates of the retail companies Association (ACORT) prices for food will rise by 5-15% and on some items – 30-50%. The reason – the incident in March, a sharp collapse of the ruble. Apparently, such developments are prepared and the authorities. At the suggestion of deputies, the government began to develop a mechanism of cost control for food. Experts warn that the state should not interfere in pricing. Artificial control of the market will lead to a shortage of food. Therefore, domestic consumers will face restrictions on the purchase in one hand, and also come into close relationship with the dealers. There will be black markets, where the buckwheat bread and the garlic will be sold already absolutely for other money.
Recently the Minister of Finance of his native country, Mr. Siluanov gave are things that I almost choked — and in the moment in a public place it could even be life-threatening. He said with a straight face that, first, "were the fat years", and secondly, that now "we need to begin to effectively develop the economy". What?
The Ministry of Finance announced the completion of the transaction to repurchase from the Central Bank controlling stake in Sberbank. The government paid for 52.3% of the shares of 2.14 trillion rubles, which is 300 billion less than previously planned amount. The Finance Ministry transferred all the money at once and not in several tranches, as originally intended. Such haste is explained by the fact that the government desperately needs money for anti-crisis measures. Now it is time for the Central Bank: the regulator needs to transfer a large part of the amount back to the Treasury. Understand in detail dokhtarironi castling.
Pause on the stage — the right thing. With its help, you can tell a lot. Same thing in life. Today we have all slowed down, paused. Why the pause?This time we stole or gave it to us? And how can we break this hold?
Andrei Razin once again provokes a scandal in the environment of show business. Now a well-known producer asked the colleagues of those things with taxes, and predicts his poverty. "Tender may" has paid all taxes in the Soviet era! I have all the documents on hand!", - hot Razin, - and the other is paid? But soon all the stars will be clothes to sell and live on that money!"
NASA astronaut, crew member of ISS-62/63 Chris Cassidy, assessed the chances of getting coronavirus infection to the International space station arrived there on April 9 crew
Members of the UN security Council urged parties to the conflict in Yemen to end fighting in the background of the threat of coronavirus, said the statement
If in previous years the village has often suffered from the vagaries of the weather and the "zone of risky agriculture", today these two traditional evils was added another and perhaps the main pandemic and coronavirus and its implications.Despite the optimal sowing period and the vegetative period, authorities highly recommend to old and small to sit at home and not go out.But the cloth-self-Branca has not yet been invented!In these circumstances, domestic farmers will hold the seed that you sow and what you reap in the fall? The zone of risky agriculture (snowless winter and early spring, according to weather forecasts) has not been canceled...
Coronavirus, like Genghis Khan, conquers everything what can reach. But his Empire will inevitably collapse. Epidemics come and go, but life goes on. So what will life after that it will change in the first place, and what changes coronavirus actualizes indirectly?
The government issued a decree, which was expected of the cultural industry, which in the first rows were affected by the pandemic and look to go on a ventilator. So, the decree of 3 April No. 437 will be for theatres, museums, libraries, culture centers a kind of ventilator. However, under one condition: the skillful use.
The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin said that the epidemic of the coronavirus will have a strong negative impact on the country's budget in 2020. Russia will receive less revenue as oil and non-oil and gas.
So it's a strange time, when musicians have learned not only to give concerts but also to remove the clips on the Internet, connecting a conference call. What to do? Withdrawal – a harsh thing. A deliberately sit at home, not to stir the waters in all senses of the word. Artists is no exception. Musicians "Accident" I decided to use this time to maximum advantage, came up with a new song and recorded a video online with a live (to the extent possible online) enforcement. The title "the World in the time of cholera".
Oil prices again came to a collapse. Today the market opened lower by more than 5% per barrel of Brent oil is $ 26.
The largest banks have already started to give apocalyptic predictions. The US economy will collapse by 30% in the second quarter.
Last days of the past winter may go down in history as the date of the beginning of the next global crisis. In fact, in the run-up to 2020, many world famous economists had predicted the world to a new financial meltdown. Only here the reasons were called different: someone is nodding to a trade war between America and China, some to global warming, someone- on sulking, in many markets, "bubbles", just about ready to burst. But came "black Swan" — so with the light hand of the famous American economist Nassim Taleb in the financial world it is accepted to name unexpected events, blowing up a systematic course of life. Our "black Swan" has a specific name — COVID-19.
The beginning of the war of Turkey with Syria amid escalation of the situation in Idlib became a trap for Ankara and the Turkish leader, Tayyip Erdogan, said the decision of the CEC of the Turkish party Vatan ("homeland")
The Russian space forces support the Syrian wax, but the attacks on the Turkish military did not participate, said the Anadolu Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu
Russian basketball clubs this week played regular matches in the Euroleague. Zenit lost at home to Bayern (68:77), CSKA Moscow offensively lost to "Barcelona" (80:82), and "Khimki" on Friday sure aswel passed and returned to the race for the playoffs.Three Russian teams participating in the Euroleague as Chekhov's three sisters, each seeking to escape from the routine and happily to get a life. Turns out different.
The General condition of the 500 richest people in the world for the week decreased from 444 billion in connection with a significant decline in stock markets due to the spread of the coronavirus.
To panic because of falling oil prices by 26% and is not worth the economist, scientific Director of the «Institute of problems of globalization" Mikhail Delyagin in his Telegram channel. Also do not worry due to the fall of the Dow Jones three days in 11%.
There is no doubt that the loss of Turkey in the operation in Syria will grow, said the political scientist, the President of scientific centre "Institute of the Middle East" Yevgeny Satanovsky
The Chinese plague has reached wall street. On the new York stock exchange is the third day in a row was a collapse: the Dow Jones fell by almost 1200 points. 4-5% sank other major us indices: S&P 500 and NASDAQ. If the wall street "coughs", gripped the rest of the financial world.
Alexander Roebuck for a couple of Egor Bereavem very smartly plays a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the new series "war of the families". However, fans of the Roebuck can say that mediocre Comedy, not fully reflects the acting potential of Alexander and certainly will not be too important a place in his filmography. Was his role harder, not only on the set. We remembered some of them.
Save, not increase it - this model of consumer behavior dominates in Russia today. The share of funds that hold physical persons in banks on current accounts, not deposits, reached in 2019 crazy values in the 8 trillion rubles (26% of the total volume of attracted retail resources). For the uninitiated explain: deposits are investments for a fixed period (say a year) before the your money with interest is impossible to withdraw. And with a current account — at any time. In other words, citizens are not willing to save their money for a long time. They are willing to sacrifice interest for the sake of being able to quickly get your savings on hand.
Experts ' forecasts are disappointing: if by April the spread of the coronavirus will decline, the economic damage to the world economy will amount to a trillion dollars. If recession will not, and will start a pandemic, global losses not taken anyone to predict. However, the ex-member of the UN Commission on biological and chemical weapons Igor Nikulin brought some advantages to this situation for our country.
The Hong Kong authorities decided to pay each citizen of $1280 to stimulate the economy. The government will also reduce income tax for certain categories of the population and help the poor with housing. To Finance economic stimulus package, leaving $15.4 billion Expert "MK" explain why some countries are helping citizens in times of crisis, and the Russian authorities did the opposite.
As stated by the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin, in 2019, the Federal government set another record for the amount of unspent funds. Officials were unable for 12 months to spend their allocated public money for the sum more than 1,1 trillion roubles. You can be happy: the more money in the budget, the easier it is to survive any crisis. But not so simple. The unspent money had to go on national projects, hamper the development of the domestic economy.
The first cases of coronavirus in Europe appeared a few weeks ago, now in the Old world had a hearth Covid-19. In the Apennines, the government announced emergency measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Italy acquired the dubious laurels of the third (after China and South Korea) countries for the dissemination of new dangerous diseases. The number of people infected in the Italian North has already exceeded 200 people. Quarantine, closed the city, cancellation of mass events – all of this had to face the Italians. And the attack of the disease has led to the first victims.
It is expected that the problems caused by the coronavirus in the global supply chain, will affect different countries.
A gaping hole in the U.S. budget deficit is increasing every month. The U.S. budget deficit was the highest since 2011.

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