Coronavirus pause: how to change the culture after the pandemic

Someone thinks that we need more exercise. Someone — what to read and watch movies. Will come to the light of God well-read cinephiles in good physical shape! Particularly starry-eyed-minded prophesy that after the quarantine we set free, go to each other with open arms, we will communicate, enjoy movies, theatres, museums and libraries. Many believe that this time is magical that it has something fundamentally changed in our lives.

But life changes not a virus. No natural disasters and natural disasters. We are changing it yourself if you want. Disasters and calamities us to that only encourage. Yes and that: in any extreme situation we always have a choice — to make efforts to stay human or be dumbed down to the level of instincts.

Can you guess where this faith in the power of self-isolation: too unusual to feel this new, slow life in forced seclusion. It seems to me that should not particularly rely on the magic: who had read — and now he will read, who “rocked” — he will remain a fan of “iron”. Tell us: how well we have more time to spend with your loved ones. Well look who didn’t value family “doveroso” era, he will not become an exemplary family man for a couple of weeks of self-isolation. And I bet a good half of the spouses are already dreaming of isolation not only from the outside world, but also from their “halves”.

And the percentage of “converts” — those who, relatively speaking, has risen to a new level, raising its status from the viewer’s “Comedy” at least until the virtual visitor of the Hermitage, will be too small to be able to talk seriously about.

History suggests that, unfortunately, the second variant is more common. And today, I’m afraid many people will choose it. But it seems to me that the circumstances in which we find ourselves, so alien and strange that even the most calm minds beholdthe beast begin to understand that the coordinate system in which we have had for the last several decades, slightly inaccurate, at least.

a Simple example: who today takes the first decision on the issue of coronavirus: the President, the Prime Minister, maybe the Minister of health? It appeared, first, the main and perhaps the only person who is taking important decisions, literally at the level of “to live is to die”, has now become a doctor. This is from someone really depends today our future. That’s who saves us from the plague, who saves us today health, including mental health — because the situation is tense, and nerves of people torn directly in my eyes, miserably.

We are afraid of: ahead of the economic crisis. And telling us about people who are seemingly intended to crises to cope with, the policy. They have long tried to convince us that nobody, except them, are not able to resolve serious problems on a global scale. Someone convinced someone there, but — here, global problems have arisen, and these people have nothing to us, except for stating the obvious! And now they appear on TV with a sad expression on his face and warn us: be prepared. Moreover, the number of these mourners live official persons, yesterday personified the stability and confidence in the future, sharply declined. Hiding?

Shifting the situation in a familiar field is that the theatrical figures will take, and will tell — the theater case is bent! We fail, we can’t think of anything, can not work!

Okay policy. Please note: today, on global economic issues, not says no one from among those who, it would seem that it should be “ex officio” — oil and gas top managers. They have the most effective kind? None of them tries to understand the causes of the crisis, to formulate the possible consequences, to look for ways out — I’m not talking about a higher, philosophical generalizations. These generalizations have nowhere to take: these people are not theorists, and not philosophers from the industry, they sat “on the farm”, and them “sticking,” just for the fact that they are more or less regularly carried out his duties as caretaker. Moreover, even officially, “sticking” Oh how much. Doctors in Kommunarka such amounts never dreamed of.

Although no Manager of “Gazprom” will not invent a vaccine against the virus.

the Virus, of course, recede. And we have to leave the shutter to return to a more normal life. Who will heal the frayed nerves of a crisis, to save a dilapidated life — politicians, top managers? Or maybe those journalists who broadcast about Ukraine first, and then about a coronavirus — the same does not change the aggressive-intimidating tone, with the same fervor in combination with the same constant incompetence? Who will remind people about the meaning of life, talk about the beauty of the world and man, sorry for the high style?

When the virus will go away, doctors on the frontline will change the culture of the people. We seem to do not understand. About culture today, do not pronounce a word. However, before it was about the same. Remember how our previous Prime Minister once said: who wants to go into business. Not medicine, not education or culture. Officially, to blunt: to heal and to teach people to create works of art for idiots willing to work for peanuts.

why am I saying this? It seems to me that today’s a weird time — after all, a gift, not a loss. This time we were given, not least to ensure that we came to. And realized that to work well, and to create the appearance of work, even sitting in a very solid Cabinet, is bad. What is worthy of respect is not the one who “earned” a billion (my personal opinion — make that kind of money is simply impossible, and donated by Ostap Bender Mr. Koreiko book “Capitalist sharks. Biography of American millionaires” underlined with blue pencil by the quote “All major modern state amassed the most dishonest way” andperfectly right), and the one who creates, produces, makes. And respect for the working man — not just lost in the history of the Soviet slogan, but a good guideline for normal, healthy society.

of Course, it is very interesting how the world feels after a Pause. I think that cultural life changed the format. For example, the movie has all chances to remain online entertainment: during the week of quarantine, many will realize that it is better to watch a good movie at home with a glass of wine than going to a noisy Mall. Why? The smell of popcorn?

the theater has a better chance. Even if the world collapses, will those who even in the ruins will tell the stories and present them in the faces. Who will slip on a banana peel, to joke and to cry, and so on, rising to new heights. And again there will be a magic, instant, here-and-now creativity, from soul to soul. We in the theater “Modern” very excited for our audience. We open with a premiere of the play “the man with the eyes of Mozart”. The opening ceremony, premiere, the long-awaited meeting with the audience — a feeling that we are starting a new season. Only in the spring. Strange still was a fun year.

the Movie, however, while forcing you to remember about me: all what is happening around inexorably reminiscent of the scenario from all the Hollywood post-apocalyptic disaster movies. For completeness, lacking only the aliens. Let’s understand themselves without waiting for their arrival.

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