at First I thought I thought. It can also be really! Carefully read. No, it seemed. “Were the fat years”. “To begin to effectively develop the economy”. Just in case I want to recheck the meaning of the word “fat” in the dictionary of Vladimir dal. So, “fat” — it means “well-fed, fatty.”

That is, the Minister Siluanov really believes in the country by 2020 continued, “fat (fat) years”? The only question is who. I’d be curious to look at these people. And I think not me alone.

but what about the economy, which is finally time “to begin to effectively develop” — here I have just no words. So, according to the Minister of Finance, before it was possible to throw away money on a variety of projects without thinking about their effectiveness, but now — now! — it’s time for “effective development”.

As they say, they are terribly far from people.

Although there are exceptions. Against the background of a diving economy and the galloping of the ruble, a billionaire, a representative of big business involved in the construction and maintenance of airports has proposed to introduce a progressive scale of taxation and to nullify income tax for those whose income is less than two sizes of the minimum wage (24,2 thousand roubles). Once again: it is proposed that a representative of big business, which is well able to count money and understand that in this situation he will have to pay two to three times more in taxes than it pays today. It looks like the socially responsible position of a businessman who does not want to feel like a king among the homeless, because the knows what this means in our country. Revolution and social upheaval.

Generally, of course, the key word 2020 in Russia it is already clear — reset. Words have great power, many forget it, but in vain — words can maim, and even kill sometimes stronger than something tangible. When Vladislav Surkov, in his article of February 26, first wrote about “the need to re-start the countdown PReigentlcih terms” in the case of the amendments to the Constitution, many didn’t like it. Some have crooked nose, haughtily giggling, exclaimed “how can”. And after 2 weeks received “amendment Tereshkova”. Who invented the term “zeroing” remains a mystery, but this word carries a much more negative meanings than constructive. There are in the Russian language is rough, the expression “multiplied by zero”, that “zeroing” is closer to this than to rejuvenate the system and the “new starting point” as they say in Surkov’s article.

Why am I so meticulously cling to words? Because “again to start the countdown” — a new life, and zeroing is multiplying by zero all results of the past era. In the economic part especially. It does not want to get the zeroing of the GDP (the economy) to the state 1999-2000.

But if you don’t collapse the economy this way, everything will lead it there, in 2000. Already near the hour when, to save the economy of the ruble will have to let go in free swimming and 100 rubles per dollar is not the limit. As they say evil tongues, the accumulated gold reserves of the country (fourth in the world!) already start to prepare to sell.

the New Prime Minister will not envy — just came and then you and the oil prices collapsed and the coronavirus arrived. He’s trying, meeting with different factions, listens to proposals for the support of the population — for example, in the part of the lump-sum payment to all those affected by quarantine entrepreneurs and their employees in the amount of their average salary. And even if agrees. But you can’t help thinking that the President and mishustina, and new Ministers were invited in January to the government a very different purpose — for the implementation and monitoring of the national projects. And now they urgently need extra measures of social support, nowhere spelled out and is not mortgaged. While national projects in the form in which they were conceived, is unlikely to be implemented, at least this year. Mikhail Mishustin as a great tax collector in the background of the galloping “coronaries” will soon face the problem of filling the budget — as due to low oil prices and due to mass bankruptcies of entrepreneurs. So sequestration (i.e. reducing) budget it is inevitable.

I Have a dream — that the President strong-willed decision has brought our plans to the end would translate the country’s economy on the social rails, would give the cap presumptuous officials and would remain the leader of the nation in this difficult moment for the country. Right now the citizens of Russia are especially in need of strong Putin. Which will command the government to support small and medium businesses. Who will order rich regions are responsible to pay funds in the amount of monthly remuneration to all those affected by temporary closure — regardless of the owner’s business or an employee. According to various estimates, in our country, up to 40 percent of the population is employed on average, small and micro-business (self-employed). It’s the people who not only create jobs and pay taxes, but above all, they largely direct the development of the economy, creating consumer demand or, conversely, ignoring any products. If the government will not save them, the Russian economy will return to the deplorable state in 1999. In other words, zero.

Because in a situation of “coronaries” especially needs a New Economic Policy. Putin’s NEP, in which government helps the needy, and large business shares of small and medium through large tax deductions. Ideologue, such a policy could be Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, who has previously performed with the offers of the oligarchs to share the dividends for the year, dropping them on the implementation of national projects. But it is not heard.

New NEP Putin must include in addition to the already announced support measures such as taxation of the withdrawal of money abroad and interest on Bank deposits, the introduction of a progressive scale of taxGeologiya with the abolition of income tax for the poor, and a substantial increase in the tax burden on the rich. To pay taxes should those who have what to pay. In a crisis it’s the only way the majority of representatives of big business knows it. In the end, they’re in Russia make their money and can’t ignore the state of the economy. This will be the marker of socially responsible business. Otherwise, the state will have to perform the surgery under duress to the loss of some irresponsible oligarchs.

Finally, of hope. In the first appeal of Vladimir Putin in connection with the coronavirus, we saw the outlines of this new economic policy — policy support, small and medium entrepreneurs. Maybe they’re still not great, but a start in any case it should be. These measures, while a few supporters in the government. That is why it is doubly important not to let the lobbyists continue to support system of large business in regions to Hackney announced measures to thwart Putin’s NEP “score” on people.

the Fight against coronavirus is not only in hospitals, but also within the vertical of power — so very large jackpot those who was at the top of the economic pyramid before and they really don’t want to share them. And share have. No other way to survive. People, economy, and country.

it’s Time to make a choice.