The punks and the coronavirus:

– Tell us how comfortable you were to be in an online format?

– For us this is the second similar experience. The first was long before the pandemic – a couple of years ago, when the guys who are shooting video in 360 degrees, wanted to test on our own systems, we made an online concert. Then it happened in a Studio format, a small pavilion resembling a rehearsal hall, and there we, of course, felt much more comfortable. If you go on a real platform, as it happened April 4, when we carried out the current online concert, very strange to see the empty hall is a sad sight. Like you’re doing everything the same as usual on the stage, but there is no live recoil energy, and it is still very important. When it happens, it becomes hard, and the weight is then felt on the physical level. I very much exhausted: when I came home and could not move hand or foot.

– How did the concept for this story?

– We very long it charged. The idea came to us as soon as it became clear that we would abolish all spring performances, but it so happened that at that time we almost left without the management Director of the group went to Brazil and the result of all that is happening stuck in there for a few weeks. The story of online full-concert – high-tech, and we’ve been trying to figure out how to do it. I even published in social networks appeal to colleagues to share advice – who knows, who knows. While we were rocking, many bands of different genres have already made online, so we decided to come up with their chips, features that would distinguish us from others. One of them was the organization a kind of teleconference via the Internet only – direct inclusion of experts during a concert of the punk band. Began to develop the civil, and then state the activity related to isolation, social distance. Being human traffickedcluded in the social network, we saw that many of our subscribers, friends psychologically opposed to it, deny the danger of the disease, the necessity of the measures taken. Then we realized: it was great to use our concert also as an occasion to talk about this with the involvement of professionals.

Punk music is a very free-spirited. Is it possible its further development in the online format, or need to get out of monitors and phones?

– If all this will not start in some clear way to monetize, no. It’s clear that the artists do this in order to somehow compensate the lost concert, a touring activity and the public – the lack of live contact. And complete the online concerts are organized now those actors that while you can afford them. This story can stretch long on the enthusiasm, and I think she can’t be an industry, because someone has these concerts to pay – it turned out she sufficient dear. Well, we had the organizing company, which took the costs. If we had to Fund performance independently from the budget of the group, we would simply not drawn. While I don’t see a way to offset costs, not to mention how to make money off of online performances, and I doubt very much that this issue will grow from the time of the plague, which it now is, in constant practice. Even if we imagine that it would be cheap, as often it would be possible to organize such concerts? Once in two or three months. For comparison, the concert tour of “Cockroaches!” may include 20 concerts in a month, and each time that statement in a new city in front of a new audience. So what about the formation of the concert industry on the Internet to say utopian, yet it is just such a feature, fun for all and the ability to keep the gunpowder dry, and draughts to erode.

– How are you using the released on the quarantine time?

– Have discovered an amazing paradox: I absolutely do not notice how time passes. I think it flies much faster than when I’m involved in some sort of active, dynamic activity when I have two rehearsals, three meetings a day and then I would before half past two at night answering emails. I can tell you now I don’t read book after book, watch movie after movie and don’t write song after song. Don’t understand what takes time. We just get up, stretch, walk around the apartment, cook, walk the dog, I sit down at the computer. Every day under the heading “Quarantine jukbox of Dmitry Spirin,” I write in the kitchen acoustic cover versions of my favorite songs and share them. I also made a “Quarantine vinyl marathon” – decided to audit his vinyl collection, and format of challenge – listen to every record, don’t skip anything. The posts I publish, too. And I was approached by the publishers of memoirs of a johnny Rotten – the former Sex Pistols vocalist. Released six months ago version Russian version was not very successful, because the translator is just not focused in the subject. Now preparing a new one and asked me to be a kind of the supervisor of this project, i.e. to modify it from the point of view punk rock of “science” – personalities and other subcultural specificity, so there was no stupid mistakes and inaccuracies. I signed up for this.

Now I see that the opinions of musicians on what has divided. Some people think that the world is very much transformirovalsya from the point of view of the internal structure on all levels. Others believe that everything will return to normal. What position you have on this?

I’m sure there will be some superglobal change. We deal with the scourge with which our generation have not yet met, but for example my grandmother who is still alive, just missed with the flu the “Spanish flu” only 9 years old: she was born in 1927, and the epidemic ended in 1918. So in principle, it is possible to say that it is a common story in human life, occurring about once in a hundred years. Then it coincided with other very important events that marked a turning point, the strongest influence on changes in the world. What we face now? With a rapidly growing and very contagious disease, about which we are still not very well known to all and from which there is no vaccine. Nonetheless it develops on a long time studied law. Epidemiologists know what was going to happen, how to develop and are on the decline of epidemic diseases, especially in the twenty-first century we have available new types of research. My point is that, in General, in this situation there is nothing extraordinary that could dramatically affect the balance of power in the world. Now there is a massive disease that will recede. It definitely will take some number of lives, but at least now we are ready for this better than people in the middle Ages to the cholera or the plague. After some time the economy recovers, air travel. Perhaps people will reconsider their views in some aspects. Maybe the governments of some countries resign. Maybe that will change some of the types of social ties: many began to reflect, and do all offices if you can work that. If the majority of companies will finally switch to remote work, it will affect the real estate market. Here at this level changes associated with leaving the comfort zone, it is possible, otherwise scientists will come up with a new scheme to combat diseases, and this is already a positive result.

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