Spain spoke about the huge growth rate in terms of coronavirus

– What is the situation with coronavirus emerged in Spain? As perceived by the dynamics on the growing number of cases?

– fortunately, the dynamics of growth began to decline. Just a couple of days ago, there is evidence that the number of sick each day decreases. Of course, this is encouraging. The so-called high alert was extended until April 26, that this dynamic has not changed. Initially the restrictions were imposed from March 12 for two weeks, and now decided to continue it. In General the measures taken are largely similar to those which are introduced now in Russia.

– And yet – what specific measures taken by the Spanish government?

– People ordered to stay home. But there are exceptions. You can go to the store or the pharmacy, can walk the dog around the house. Be sure to wear masks. Taxi works, but there you can only travel on the rear seat and you can ride only on important matters, in the grocery store, to the pharmacy, to the elderly. If you have your own car, you can drive it, and only one too – definitely in the mask. If you carry the elderly, then it must go in the back seat. Well, self-evident: hand wash, use sanitizer… In General all the same as in Russia.

How tough the police enforces these rules?

– it depends. I went to the car, no special posts are not seen. But talking with friends, they say they are posts. There, police stopped the car and know where a person goes. Also a taxi stop and check passenger. But once again: it’s hearsay from friends. Personally, I did not see anything. Say so, and it really is hard to say.

you know that some police officers are on duty around the shops, but for me personally they never stopped. I went to the local supermarket, it’s a good 15 miles from home, drove back with no problems. At the same time, according to official figures, at the beginning andPrel for failure to comply with restrictive measures fined nearly half a million people.

About the stores: is there a shortage of food?

Two weeks ago, when it was just beginning, the Spanish swept off the shelves. Took apart the toilet paper, cereals, pasta and a variety of other. On Saturday evening there was not even fruits and vegetables. All this happened on Friday, Saturday, Sunday in local networks output.

And on Monday and Tuesday, things started to recover. Those products that failed to bring, drove for 3-4 days. Now the shops have everything. So to help buckwheat, we do not!

How has the process of shopping in stores? Is it true that now control the distance between the buyers?

– first, almost immediately after the introduction of high alert in shops there are special workers who keep order, the store began to empty one by one. One buyer goes out and then comes another.

distribute All disposable gloves in order to reduce the possibility of contact to a minimum, wipe the handle of carts. In the halls made the markings for flow separation, the approach to the booths one at a distance not less than a meter. In stores at the box office put screens between sellers and buyers. Overall, everything works well.

– As the disease has spread across the country? Whether in Spain, the focus of the spread of coronavirus?

– Most of the cases have been detected in Madrid and Barcelona. I must say that this has happened, partly for subjective reasons. The virus came to Spain in late February-early March, and 7-8 March was scheduled, according to some, more than 65 demonstrations feminists in Madrid. And they have not canceled!

Apparently then there was a massive contamination which is exactly two weeks and gave the outbreak of the coronavirus in the largest cities of Spain. After the announcement of the introduction in the country of high alert, on the first twoDelhi, despite the prohibitions in the movement, many residents of Madrid went to the regions and the virus was actively spread across the country.

– When an outbreak, went to the country a rumor that hospitals are overcrowded, and patients do not have the equipment?

In my opinion the situation is complicated and not unambiguous. Of course, from the big cities, where cases of disease a lot comes information about overcrowded hospitals and literally heroic efforts of doctors and medical staff to assist a sick person.

there was information about the lack of places in hospitals and the lack of special equipment and means of protection. Paradoxically, the Internet is constantly be videos that the hospital is almost empty. In General, the most likely situation is not as catastrophic as some imagine. The mood of “We’re all gonna die!” in the society is definitely not.

Personally, I have no friend who was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “coronavirus”. Mild, perhaps, someone’s moved, as they say “on their feet”, but luckily, nothing more serious, none of my friends are not detected.

– How the government helps people who are in a difficult financial situation?

– First of all we must understand that Spain’s economy is in a difficult position. Closed practically all “non-vital”. Not working industrial enterprises, construction sector, educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, shops selling manufactured goods. Only work grocery stores, pharmacies, veterinary clinic, law and accounting offices.

the Spanish government declared a “paid vacation” until mid-April, at the expense of businesses. Lay off workers, the government forbade with a special decree. Calls for support of entrepreneurs were not heeded. The proposed measures on business support is clearly insufficient and not specific. Announced for loans of 20 billion euros can be used only for payment of salaries and nulogov. Banks to issue the money business loans in no hurry, clear guidance and procedures on this account yet.

Entrepreneurs not seeing a way out, began urgently to bankrupt the company and lay off staff. In the end, in Spain, in just three weeks, lost their jobs 900 000 people! Unemployment increased from 2.6 million to 3.5 million people (18 million employees).

oddly enough, in this situation, solidarity is strong and ready to support the most affected. In our region, for example, our compatriot, the owner of one transport company, offered to carry the needy to the shops or pharmacy for free, if they are not able to drive themselves. In Russian and Ukrainian shops supported by another initiative: anyone can buy the necessities and put them in a special basket, from which the poor can take what they need.

Well, the question is relevant for all students: what, in Spain you study?

– of Course, now no school. Everyone is trying to transfer to distance learning. May the school year be extended for the summer. Apparently, the final decision on the end of the school year will be accepted after the end the quarantine and resume.

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