Coronavirus was the cause neighborhood wars

the Second victim to become neighbors. With the introduction of the regime of self-isolation on all the social networks were full of desperate messages:

“Where to find justice on a neighbor? This fucking music lover all day yelling chanson, which offends my ears, gives me work, and my 3-year-old son to sleep after lunch! In this Amateur songs about prison, says that during the day has the right to listen to what he likes”.

“the Neighbors put up a bunch of old things in the common room — explain that the apartment is crowded, and they thus increase the cubic capacity to breathe more freely. I understand, but now it’s worse we breathe, their junk smells musty, and the smell comes into our apartment.”

“Grandmother from the third floor having fun that feeds from the cats and pigeons — to go out-that it is now impossible. I live on the ground just under it, and part of her scraps falling on my windowsill, not to mention the pile of garbage under my window…”

People sat at home and began to build a life in a new way. Karaoke fans now do not go to sing in clubs and do it at home. Home craftsmen use the downtime to repair in the apartment of anything and everything, all day, banging and rattling hammer. Young geniuses before digging piano at home for two hours a day after returning from all schools and clubs, and now hone a talent from morning to evening…

All they can understand — the citizens would be happy to conduct a former way of life, to feed cats in parks and listen to the chanson in the car. They are dissatisfied with their evil fate, offended at her, annoyed and indignant — without knowing to whom. But to think in these circumstances, on the other they often fails. And if it turns out that with some malevolent shade — if I suffer, why the neighbors should enjoy life?

Here, perhaps, for this line is the watershed that divides people into two fundamentally different companies. The one hung on door entrances Obphenomenon: “If you’re old and unhealthy, call me, I will bring you products from the store and drugs from the pharmacy”. These people, too bad in isolation, but are worried about those who are even worse.

representatives of the companies of the second angry neighbor. They always think that they suffer more than others, and therefore try to correct this injustice. For example, to dump the garbage in front of neighbor’s door, switched on the music or the drill, despite requests from neighbors not to make noise, at least part of the day. Or the opposite — refusing to understand that new shelves can’t be hung up silently, and the young musician needs to practice.

For a variety of reasons people need to agree. And in isolation to negotiate with each other much more than at any other time. However, this should be able to look at the problem through the eyes of the opposing party. But this ability have, unfortunately, only representatives of that first group.

And you know what? Those of the first group to survive in the quarantine much easier. Yes, and in any other conditions too. Maybe the second group should go over to the opposite camp?

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