Ball is scheduled to soon begin to roll again in Sweden, while most of the football-Europe is still completely quiet.

It happens, after The Swedish Football association on Friday laid up to play matches despite the fact that the country’s sports federations recommend to do the exact opposite. It will now be important for several of the Danish players who have their daily walk on the other side of the Øresund.

“It’s a little bit of an ambivalent feeling I have about it all. I would like to start playing football again, but at the same time, I respect also the fear of coronavirussen,” says Jeppe Andersen, who is the captain in Hammarby, to B. T.

the Club’s reserve team, must on Monday start to work out again together, and it happens, while the Danish Superliga-the players still have to make do with short training sessions in small groups.

“I think it is safe to start fodboldtræningen soft, up again, if everyone takes precautions. We also trained in our quarantine period, and at that time there was none of the us players, that was sick,” says the captain.

The 27-year-old fodboldprofil lives on a daily basis in Stockholm, where he the past few weeks have been able to see how the Swedish people have taken the Swedish urban life, although the fear of coronavirussen constantly leads to one recommendation after another to keep distance to each other to the west of the Sound.

“When I look at how people behave here, where some still go to cafes and restaurants, so it’s a little hard for me to understand, that people have no respect for it here,” explains Jeppe Andersen.

In Sweden, the various prohibitions and guidelines of a completely different size than the ones Mette Frederiksen and the rest of the government has issued, ” explains the captain.

“It’s two completely different worlds, even though the two countries are right next to each other. It is difficult to say which method is the right one, but the way Denmark does it, however, I would argue, is the right way to do it.”

The Swedish government has put a slightly different strategy than the Danish, and it is therefore not surprising to Jeppe Andersen, The Swedish Football association to do the same:

“They put their own tactics up here, and the tactic is associated the gone with the with regard to to start training and fighting again. One might then ask itself whether it is necessary to play the practice matches. I think most of the risk in playing the matches, if there is just one player on the teams that are infected.”

Jeppe Andersen has since 2017 is the game for Hammarby, where he is teammate with the former Randers-player Mads Fenger.