Frugtrester, dents and broken windows.

It was what one or more perpetrators at the weekend left at the parking lots could in Odense. Here were six different cars in five different blocks namely vandalized.

All committed with watermelons. It is apparent from The Police sample daily report.

for Example, had a green Chevrolet Spark had shattered his rear window on Rødegårdsvej. Here you could see how there was watermelon right up to the windshield.

On the Østerbæksvej got a black Suzuki also shattered his rear window – also with a watermelon.

And so there were a total of six cases of vandalism, where the fruit had been used.

In three of the cases it had cost the lives of a smashed rear windscreen, while the other three cars had escaped with bumps and scratches.

None of the vehicle owners have been able to give a specific time for when vandaliseringen of the cars have been committed, and according to The Police, there is therefore, in all cases, a large span of time between Saturday and Sunday, when it can be done.