Comedian Svetlana Rozhkova, which two years ago doctors were sentenced to death because of developing cirrhosis of the liver, said “Interlocutor”, as she manages to avoid a disastrous outcome.

Rozhkova said that, having heard the terrible diagnosis, she became depressed, and started actively fighting for his life. Doctors predicted her death within a year and a half, but already two years later the artist continues to live and work.

“Now I’m stronger, my disease is under control, all recommendations of your doctor I’m doing strictly,” said Rozhkov.

According to her, today the predictions of doctors has changed. Contrary to expectations, the disease ceased to progress, and the doctor even noted the positive dynamics: the condition of the liver, says the Joker, “is a plus”.

55-year-old actress currently lives with his family in a country house and a compliance regime in isolation. While in voluntary confinement, Rozhkova tried myself as a blogger: start to remove the vine. She noted that so wants to please its subscribers who are “sad and bored”.