the Dutch Authorities decided to take care of lonely people who have deficiency of sexual intercourse in terms of the prescribed regulations necessary to maintain the distance between the host and his guests in half a meter. These poor people are recommended to acquire sex partners.

the national Institute for public health and the environment, Netherlands (RIVM) has published a special guide that offers individuals who do not have permanent sexual partner, to come to mutually satisfactory agreements with like-minded people.

Active in the Netherlands from March 23, rules the so-called “smart lock” allowed to allowed up to three visitors under the strict condition that they are kept at a distance of 1.5 meters.

At this distance to have sex, of course, is extremely difficult. And such restrictions are not very popular with many Dutch who do not have permanent pair. After all, if you follow the letter of the restrictions that come with a sex partner has to keep his distance.

appeared In the media criticism of the restrictions that will hit the interests of individuals. As he wrote in the newspaper Het Parool specializing in gender issues journalist Linda Duits, sex is a human right: “the Closeness and physical contact is not a luxury but a basic need. If anything, we learned from the AIDS epidemic, it’s that not having sex is not.”

And now the national Institute of public health and environment recognizes that individuals also want bodily (by the way, not necessarily sexual) contact.

So the Institute released a training manual in which single people are encouraged to arrange meetings with any one person. However, by itself, underlines the need to exercise caution during sexual relations.

“let’s talk together about how best to do that – I suggest the authors of the recommendations. For example, meet with the same person for physical and / or sexual contact (with a “buddy hug” or “hot”) if you are free from the disease. Agree with this person about how a number of other people you both see each other. Than with a large number of people you obeetee, the greater the likelihood of the spread of coronavirus”.

the Institute Has recommendations for those who is in a relationship with someone infected with the coronavirus or quarantined on suspicion of disease.

“don’t have sex with your partner, if he was isolated due to coronavirus infection,” urges the Institute. – Possible sex with yourself or with other people at a distance (think about how to tell erotic stories, masturbating together)”.

As noted, in this regard, publishingtion to The Guardian, the UK government warned early action restrictive measures, that couples who do not cohabit, have either not meet or live together.