The Russians want the country introduced a father’s capital for the birth of the third child. In addition, they have extra days of rest after birth.

83% of respondents surveyed by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) said that the payment of his father’s capital, contribute to strengthening families. 42% said they definitely believe in the importance of his father’s capital and only 10% doubt that he needed.

In addition, the Russians want employers to provide them with additional leave after the birth of her third child in the family. So, 85% of respondents believe that fathers need dopostback during the month, which can be taken at any time before your child turns three years, writes RIA “Novosti”. For the cohesion of the family enough weeks additional leave immediately after the birth of a child, according to 79% of the respondents. In a telephone poll held on June 16, was attended by 1,600 Russians aged 18 years.

Previously, the initiative to enter the father’s capital, after the birth of her third child in the family in November last year by the Vice-mayor of Ufa Alina Suleimanova. The size of his father’s capital want to make a similar motherboard: 453 thousand rubles. It is anticipated that it will be paid, provided that all children born and raised in a family while parents are in an officially registered marriage.