Hamm (NRW) – The Autohof Lippetal on the edge of the district a popular meeting place for truckers from all over Europe. Even now, in the Corona-crisis of the Parking lot is full, but the remote driver push frustration. Because: Many do not know, when you come back home…

Martin (41) from Slovenia, driving for a German forwarding company, mostly parts and accessories for the automotive industry. “Actually, I would have gone after the last Tour back in the homeland,” he says. “But if I come across the border, I need to after two weeks in quarantine. I can’t afford that, then we have no money.“

Artur (30) from Poland makes the Best of it, and steaks

Therefore, he has asked his boss to be able to within Germany to. “Enough to do it. But it’s hard because I can’t see the family for so long.“ His hope: “It would be nice, if I may at the end of may and back again. Since my daughter’s birthday.“