The award-winning author Camilla Took vows to the crime novels of british Belinda Bauer and Danish Ane Riel.

A good boganbefaling can be worth gold in these coronatider, and if you’re into crime fiction, there is advice to download from the award-winning Swedish author Camilla Took.

She is right now current with crime fiction “Skyggejægeren” and won in 2018 the prestigious award Glasnøglen for the best scandinavian crime novel for “the Pet”.

Personally, Camilla Took a fan of thrillers with intelligent plots and strong characters.

She recommends in particular three krimiforfattere:

1) Belinda Bauer

The british journalist and mystery writer Belinda Bauer had never even read a crime novel before she as 45-year-old threw himself to write a “Bleak knowledge”, which was released in the Uk in 2010.

the Novel is about the 12-year-old boy, Steven, who spends all his free time digging for the body of his uncle Billy, who disappeared as a child.

Everyone in the local town is convinced that Billy was killed by the paedophile murderer, Arnold Avery, who is sitting in prison for having murdered and buried several children in the period in which the uncle disappeared.

As the “Grim knowledge” released in 2010 was named as the year’s best crime novel of the association of british krimiforfattere. Since Belinda Bauer published eight crime novels – most recently “Crack” from 2018.

Belinda Bauer is probably my yndlingskrimiforfatter, says Camilla Took.

Her books are a mixture of classic fiction novels and crime novels, and they are always driven by very strong characters. The language is beautiful, the stories are intelligent, and she manages to surprise the reader, but at the same time, bind all the threads beautifully together at the end.

– I have read everything she has written and all her books are good, but I would maybe start with a “Gloomy knowledge”. In addition, I really like “The beautiful dead” from 2016, she says.

2) Ane Riel

Danish Ane Riel is also among Camilla Was yndlingsforfattere.

Ane Riel is the author of the award-winning novel “Resin”, as in 2019 was filmed with, among others, Peter Plaugborg, Ghita Nørby and Sofie Gråbøl in the supporting roles.

in Addition, the 48-year-old Ane Riel released the “Butcher of Denmark” from 2013, “Beast” from 2019, as well as a number of children’s books.

– I’m a big fan of Ane Riel. Many danes have probably read “Resin”, but if you haven’t, I really recommend it.

– It is a beautiful book, which is also located somewhere between a novel and a crime novel. There is tension, but much more than that. The language is wonderful, and it is very karakterdrevet, says Camilla Took.

3) Christoffer Carlsson

The 34-year-old Swedish mystery writer Christoffer Carlsson lecturer and researcher in criminology at Stockholm University and is also the author of several detective novels.

He is particularly well known for his series about police officer Leo Junker. The series include “The invisible man from Salem” by 2016 and “The fallen detective” from 2018.

he, Too, is among Camilla Was favoritforfattere.

– I keep much of the Old Carlssons books. He is a very talented storyteller. In the same way as Belinda Bauer and Ane Riel is his books driven by strong characters, and he combines suspense with the classic novel. I love that, ” she says.