Ostend for The message to stay away from the coast, seems everywhere is pretty good to be followed. The whole of the easter holidays, there will be additional checks on the road, at the railway stations, and supermarkets. At the height of the busy traffic interchange in the University, the police on Saturday, even the people in the traffic is achieved for the control. In the end, tried kustgangers hotel, however, in order for the checks to come. Hardleerse tweedeverblijvers may incur a fine of € 250. In the meantime, the first balance-sheet, hard: 750 million euro and the crisis in the tourism sector costs. And the hotel, and some of the other coastal cities we have a new phenomenon, in:tweedeverblijvers that a resident would like to modify. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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the West-Flemish governor, Carl Decaluwé, is cautiously positive about the results of the audit. “At first glance, appear to be the numbers to fall, and to keep people in the action,” he said. Here and there were already some of the violations established, and that, of course, is quite unfortunate. For now I’m satisfied, however. I hope that I have is that he will also still be me.”