you are the hero in this difficult time: Doctors, nurses, Feuerwehrler, supermarket employees and many other women and men who keep our city Running, and their work is often poorly paid. You Munich restaurateurs with the thank what they do best: really good food want.

Moritz Meyn from the star restaurant Mural, the idea explains the background to the nationwide charity cooking for heroes: “We know that there are in the hospitals, canteens and system-relevant groups of don’t starve. We want to say to those who bust their ass for all of us, with a culinary highlight. Thank you.”

1.000 food will be next week

distributed as early as Monday, the first to go, Drove to the Munich hospitals. Around 1,000 food to be distributed next week, it will be up to 1,000 per day. Restaurateurs from the old town from the Mural, the Frank wine bar and the Xavier day have initiated a charitable project to Hamburg and Berlin as a model, quickly, even the vegetarian star restaurant, Tian was on Board.

A core team made up of seven Active working for days on a voluntary basis for the project. What started as a “Because we would have to do something”, has long been a day – and night-filling task became larger and larger.

hofbräu basement kitchen

Many other volunteers help out at times, sort on Friday, a donation of 6.38 tonnes, or get, what is missing in the short term from the mushrooming of the project – quite a lot of disinfectant or packaging that can be recycled, for example. For the delivery, the Lederhosen has reported Express, with its rickshaws.

On Friday, the family Steinberg says the hofbräukeller at short notice, and your kitchen and your storage facilities to your disposal. In order to process such large quantities, not the initiators from the old town, plenty of space. In addition, the cooks and their helpers must be able to work with enough distance. “We still don’t know what we don’t cook because we don’t know what we get for Goods. But there are dishes that can warm up the cooks in the canteens: goulash, Curry, dumplings, soups, but also Desserts,” says Meyn.

Munich restaurateurs: “We need support”

For the star chefs from the Mural and from the Tian an unusual task, you will only be too happy to provide. “In the long term, we hope that more and more Restaurants participate, and we can make long time people who support others, a pleasure,” says Wolfgang Pfab from the Mural.

Only Frank deserved wine bar is currently a bit of money with deliveries to parties other Restaurants and the Mural Bar are closed. The Gastro industry is hard hit, but the restaurateurs have the time. “However, we are in need of support, are expenses Were as to pay for logistics and production and fixed costs in the long term,” says Pfab. More and more people get a plate full recognition.

Who you want to support, writes to or All donations will be completely transferred to the charitable purpose.

This article was written by Jasmine Menrad In the PCP In the

*will cook The post “Munich restaurateurs for people in the system relevant to the Professions” published by the evening newspaper. Contact with the executives here.

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