a 42-year-old Russian TV and radio presenter, singer, actress Anfisa Chekhova never ceases to amaze with the beauty and neatness of her figure. All her photos are of great interest of the audience in social networks. This time the actress has appeared in shorts on the observation deck of a skyscraper, as if hovering above the city. Yes, even published a philosophical poem about the relationship.

In his poetic creation, Chekhov writes what was first sent to his chosen vehicles with high feelings, but the ships sank on the rocks, as it turned out that the man was not deep. Sent with a subtle hint of the train came back, as the chosen one was near. Flew to men and missiles with spiritual meaning, because it was mundane.

I wandered into you, trying to find the,

And take your heart for ever!

But lost trails, lost the way…

you’re Heartless!

Written by Anfisa Chekhov in his last four.

Readers have commented on the poetic work of the actress and discussed her image on Nude picture.

“Always reading your poems I think that they adresovany your ex-husband?”; “Anfisa, Your poems as always are filled with meaning and wisdom of women”; “What a juicy you”; “Now you ZENITSA”; “And I’m not in the house opposite with a telescope”; “Beautiful poems and photographs of the fire.”

Publish from Anfisa Chekhova (@achekhova) 10 Jul 2020 7:19 PDT