Moscow, 9.30, school No. 494, Russian language. You come in and immediately feel 11-klassnik. Temperature measurement, frame metal detectors, security cameras on every corner, none of the crib will not go out.

New this year – bright orange cones at the entrance and yellow “Zebra” in the school corridors. Each strip is at a distance of 1.5 meter: “keep our distance”. The audience is allowed on the passport, and personal belongings – bags, phones and even smart watches – offer to Deposit.

All hosts in masks and gloves, most of the children – also, although the latter is optional. Worried about everything: teachers, alumni and parents.

– still some no and protection. When you start to write the work gloves will be removed: they are not very convenient. The mask will most likely lower a little, that was not so stuffy, says the graduate of the Moscow school of Yevgeny Nekrasov. – In General, nothing to worry about. The remote control was prepared online, as well as all my classmates. In June, the teacher did not abandon us and continued to consult until the start of the exam. The last session at Zoom we had yesterday.

Children are seated at their desks one by one zigzag. On average each audience – no more than 8 people. (As in previous years, in the same class had about 20 to the dealer.) The exam tasks are received at the audience before the start of the exam – on the Internet or on an encrypted flash drive. Forms of the exam are printed directly in the class, in the eyes of graduates. The technology worked, the leaks eliminated.

the Most interesting thing to catch violators this year helps artificial intelligence. The neural network looks at the picture from all cameras. If you see suspicious activity – for example, graduate reached into his pocket and put something under the leaf, automatically sends a signal to the living observer, “note”. Man looks at the record and makes a decision. This year on the exam are more than 130 thousand cameras.

if egenica caught with cell phone in hand?

– In this case, we are on camera fix the breach caused by the members of the State examination Commission and decide the issue of early completion of the exam for the graduate – said the organizer of the exam and the teacher of biology Natalia Astakhova.

According to preliminary data of Rosobrnadzor, on the first day of the exam from 37 people in different regions came across the digital Cribs: with smartphones. These guys, the organizers removed from the exam and their results annulled, so that to retake this year will not work. And admission to higher education for offenders in the current admission campaign is closed.

– Mulligans are only for those who, for whatever reason, associated primarily with health, did not attend the examination or failed to complete it, – said acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. – To retake ��for raising the points be allowed, no one will. But I’m sure the results will be no worse than previous years. I think they even increase. The schedule is made so that all have time to apply to universities.

Recall that on 3 July, the first day of the exam, geography, literature and science, gave more than 170 thousand graduates. Then Russian language, 6 and 7 July wrote more than 671 thousand children. This is the most popular exam. On queue, July 10, profile mathematics – almost 400 thousand people. The main period of the exam will end on 25 July, and 8 August. But the results the students will get fast enough. For example, boys taking Russian language July 6, know your points on this subject no later than July 20, the dealer July 7 – no later than July 23.

As a rule, the children come to the exam on a special schedule for the hour and a half before the start of the exam. In some schools there are different inputs for different groups of children. Before each exam, cleaning at the entrance there are dispensers with antiseptics. And for the first time on exams throughout Russia attracted 12 thousand health workers.

– At the entrance to the guys measure the temperature noncontact thermometers. If the temperature is raised, make a test measurement and then send the child to the detention center next door, – said “RG” Director of the Mytishchi school № 32 (Moscow region) Irina Severilova. – Informed parents, call an ambulance. Come doctors, and on the spot the graduate passes the rapid test for COVID-19. If the test is negative, a medical workers, we have the right to admit graduates on the exam.

In other regions, where COVID tests on the exam do not, children with fever in the doctors ‘ decision, sent to retake in the contingency period.

– on the first day were not admitted to the examination in the cause of the high temperature of only a few dozen children throughout Russia. We thought the situation would be worse. Fears were not confirmed, – said Anzor Muzaev. – The exam is normal, without major disruptions.

Maria T.: “I was all easy enough, except for one of the suffixes in the test part. There was one very strange word to which you want to insert the missing letter: sit…TSO. Maybe someone knows what is it all about?”

Darya A.: “I came Across a text book about Russian language. When the hero heard the phrase “time Limit you need to follow”, he was shocked that we did contaminate native language”.

Margaret N.: “In the job paronyms was ILL with pneumonia. It’s a mistake, right? I revised hard, but still sounds strange”.

Maria J.: “Intolerable pain corrected on unbearable. Also, it was necessary to notice the error – the word “theirs”.