Natalia once again experimenting with the new images.

As soon as she showed fans himself with a fringe, for which he was fiercely criticized.

Here is a new photo. This time the singer has a smooth hair parted in the middle, the hair is sleek.

But eyebrows in the latest fashion – the wide and hairy. Oval face unusually elongated and not a wrinkle.

“Natusik!! You can’t be Beautiful,” responded winokur.

However, the humorist was left almost alone – the vast majority of subscribers were shocked by the changed Queen.

“was better. Beauty was. And now, as all, is this Natasha? Spoiled. Former beauty was better. But those shaggy eyebrows, just awful. Natasha,come back the same. Yaaaaasssss”.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the designer Tatiana Krygina said in his instagram that the Queen and her husband a stripper Sergey Tarzan Glushko helped raise $ 2.4 million for the treatment of one-year-old Anna Novozhilova from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

Publish from Natasha Koroleva (@koroleva__star) 14 Aug 2020 9:14 PDT