what he this year was postponed from the usual date in October, but is still held in full – with free film screenings, meetings with filmmakers, discussions with the audience and workshops for young filmmakers, – is in itself a great success. Eight paintings about the anti-hero of the year pandemic coronavirus – the organizers included in the program. But for the first time in the history of the festival daily was a parallel stream movies online. In terms of jealously guarded copyright event outstanding.

the Trophy is not less valuable than the Grand Prix, at “Russia” is always considered the prize of spectator sympathies. With its delivery and began the ceremony. Figurines the creators of the paintings “Like a cherub” Elena Dubkov and “Battle for the Crimea” Valery Timoshenko was awarded the Hero of Russia, pilot Damir Yusupov.

– I’m a fan of documentaries, said Damir. – These paintings speak to the viewer only the truth, no additives, fabrications and embellishments. The truth, be it bitter or sweet, need us.

Yekaterinburg is in the cinematic medium’s reputation as a city of film enthusiasts even in the current conditions of halls in Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Tagil and other cities were full with spectators of all ages, to participate in honoring the winners felt obliged many – from the Commissioner for human rights to the Director of a provincial theater. Traditionally handed her the prize “For social optimism and positive philosophy” and “RG”: it was the film “Zero mark”, shot by filmmakers from Irkutsk (Director: Yulia Byvsheva, screenwriter Yuri Dorokhin), about the fate of residents of the Siberian town of Tulun, in the summer of 2019, the survivors of a terrible flood. It seems to us, today is especially important artists to see the light at the end of the tunnel and tell you about the values on which we can rely, people who reveal their best qualities in the most difficult moments of life.

Not a chance and a special prize of the jury “For the proof that cinema can influence life and make it better,” noted the author of the painting “children Banned” Elena Moskvina. Muscovite spent almost a year in Syria, shooting a film about children-orphans, left in the pow camp, and most importantly, she helped to smuggle five relatives in Chechnya. Grand Prix XXXI festival also went to the movie about the children. The hero of the picture “Special” Anna Dranitsyna Sanya is a teacher in a school for troubled Teens. Struggling with the bureaucratic system, Sanya builds with them a relationship of trust and believes that if we can save even one of them, the life he will live not in vain.