“This summer demand for outdoor pools exceeded all expectations, almost all ended by the end of June,” the company said Susbstantial. Dismantled made reserves in the company “The amount that we planned to sell all summer, ended in early June, and the market there is a shortage of pools,” – said in the store.

the Most popular steel framed model systems (composed of metal frame and bowl) medium size. The cost depends on the size and manufacturer – on average it is from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. Demand also frost prefabricated swimming pools.

the Purchase of pools this summer the Russians were interested in about four times more than last year, tell in a press-service of company “Yandex.Market.” The average customers are willing to pay for the goods 8.8 thousand rubles.

“the High growth of demand for swimming pools can be associated with hot weather in some regions of Russia (so, the heat all spring and most of summer was in Western Siberia, the Urals, and now moved North of European and Asian territory, capturing even Yakutia. – “RG”), and the epidemiological situation, and constraints in the tourism sector. The Russians began to give more time to the construction of suburban areas and even the establishment of resort areas in their country houses. So they got their own safe place to swim,” explained the company.

the Purchase of a pool for some, this was a kind of consolation in the case of a failed summer travel vacation to the coast, says the head of “Sport” in the Internet-shop “Ozone” Maria Salnikova. Store note boom purchase inflatable pools to be larger, their sales increased almost four times (year to year). Choose a model with filters and pumps included.

Grow sales of pools, tubes and sleeves to stay safe on the water. Additionally, there are different accessories for a summer vacation, including sun loungers and awnings for protection from the sun.

Many were looking forward to and open pools in fitness clubs. According to the Association of operators of the fitness industry, to open after the lifting of restrictions in June are more than 90% of the capital fitness clubs and to 70% in the country. In Moscow the attendance of swimming pools (in clubs) is in the range of 60-70%, said the head of the consulting Agency in the field of fitness for Svetlana Andreeva. In some clubs there is a complete download. According to Andreeva in Moscow region download clubs – within 50%. In them, a restriction on swimming pools to customers in over 65 years of age.

“In some sports and recreation complexes demand is high and enroll in the aquatic zone need not ��the less than two weeks – said the Director of fitness and operational direction of the network of clubs X-Fit in Russia Irina Troska. In some network objects run out of space even with the restriction on the number of people who can simultaneously engage in the pool. In General, according to her, the pools of the network to cope with the customer flow.

“we Have the pools is relatively small, so during peak hours we were forced to pre-record for compliance with the limitations established by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor”, – said the Manager of the network CityFoxFitness (Tyumen), Alex Karandaev. The area is still a ban on lessons in groups, so clients cannot access water aerobics.

On full occupancy of the pools reported in the health club Universal Fit. For the safety of customers water goes through several complex stages of purification, including kvartsevanie, ultraviolet light, chlorination, active oxygen. The team members also are checking the safety parameters (calcium hardness, acid-alkaline balance). The pools remain one of the safest places for visitors of fitness thanks to the water purification system, said Svetlana Andreeva. Some of the major players in the market offer visitors swimming pools with sea water. But it goes through several major stages of purification.

But to go to town and beaches open water will be able this year a few. In Moscow, the beach season has not exactly took place. Because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus government has never officially opened up to any one area of the bathing holiday. At the same time, people who in the hot days want to freshen up in the capital’s pond or lake, no one throws up from the foyer. And lifeguards are on duty there. While the CPS weekly is conducting a study of water samples and sand from recreational areas. According to the Moscow Department of Rospotrebnadzor, the water is tested for bacteriological, parasitological and virological indicators, including the novel coronavirus infection. None of the sample of coronavirus have not been identified.

As earlier told “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the expert of the Center for molecular diagnostics CMD TSNII of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Lebedev, the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets and by contact-household. “As open water, then there is a chance of Contracting bacterial or parasitic infection, but not a coronavirus. Moreover, note that in open water, high insolation, and it is for the coronavirus fatal,” – said the expert.

to reduce the risk of infection in the water, doctors strongly advise not to bathe in the presence of wounds and abrasions on the skin and in the case of SARS or immediately after an illness, as in such times the person reliefn immunity. While bathing do not need to ingest water, as in the body the bacteria most likely to be that way.

After a dip in the pond should immediately rinse with water (you can even from the bottle) directly on the beach or to wipe the skin antibacterial wet wipes or antiseptic.

absolutely impossible to swim in untested areas. Need sewage or industrial effluents. It is best to avoid swimming in pools with stagnant water, overgrown with slime. It’s not just unsightly, but dangerous to life.