In media appeared reports that the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is recovering rapidly after a long struggle with a cancerous brain tumor. Familiar with the situation, the source stated that soon the actress will be seen on the screen and the stage.

After a long treatment of glioblastoma actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will be able to return to professional activity. This was reported by a source Popcake.

“Anastasia is recovering steadily, soon you’ll see her in movies and on the stage,” said an insider.

Formerly Professor and chief researcher of the Institute of molecular biology Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Chumakov told the website on a new method of cancer treatment with special viruses that can attack different types of cancer cells. According to the expert, this technology did not apply to the car crash because she was “there has been a remission”.

“we have visited her husband, a former athlete [skater Peter Chernyshev — “Газета.Ru”]. He was a very cautious man, and I understand it perfectly. He says: let’s wait, she’s better now, if it gets too bad — then we’ll begin. But at least we have tested in the culture of her cells and now know what virus it is,” — said Chumakov.

The Professor stressed that all tumors are different, therefore each patient needs an individual approach. Now experts are engaged in detection of the markers by which you can quickly test and determine the sensitivity of cancer cells to different types of virus. One of the volunteers participating in the development of the method and analysis of its efficiency, became Zavorotnyuk. Her cancer cells used in labs for experiments.

“now cells from the tumor Anastasia Zavorotnyuk we have in the lab went well — they’re multiplying, and we can accumulate as much as necessary. This is good because on the basis of these cells to make the vaccine.

We can take these cells, infect them with the virus and then enter her body and it will stimulate antitumor immunity. But it is the case that she will return again. We have never advertised and do not try to persuade patients or relatives. The people themselves have to decide whether to risk it or not”, — said the doctor.

According to the Director of the Institute of molecular biology RAS Alexander Makarov, “viral therapy” will be a breakthrough in cancer treatment in the later stages. Oncologist Dmitry Elkin added that this method is calculated in order to eliminate malignant tumors in the brain and can help Zavorotnyuk.

“This method is called “oncolytic viral therapy”. The point is that certain viruses can be modified so that, once in the body, onneither will be aiming to destroy tumor cells. In research for this purpose, in particular, the modified viruses of herpes simplex, measles, rubella, adenovirus, said Olkin. — The fact that most other approaches to the treatment of this type of tumor is not very efficient. Therefore, scientists and doctors are looking and trying new methods. Let’s hope that oncolytic viral therapy will be effective and relatively safe.”

In may, information about improving the situation Zavorotnyuk confirmed its neighbor in the elite village of Natasha Koroleva. In NTV, the singer said that also lives in Kraskino and knows that the expensive treatment and several operations to translate the disease into remission.

“Yes, we live near. Thank God, I say that’s good news, and Nastya is on the mend. We wish her good health,” said the Queen.

The singer also said that her Zavorotnyuk connect including and professional relationships — they starred together in the TV series “My fair nanny”.