The son of the producer of group “on-On” Bari Alibasov accused the former Director of the team of Andrey Nazarov, the ex-soloist Valery Yurin, and Olga Shukshin (daughter Fedoseeva-Shukshina) to the attempt on the life of his father. According to the son, his father deliberately being fed, because of which the showman was badly damaged psyche.

According to Alibasov Jr., the main purpose of the conspiracy was the desire to get an apartment of Bari Karimovich, located in the center of Moscow. Accused of the Trinity does not cease to deny any involvement in the poisoning, especially Shukshin who never had Affairs with showman, says StarHit. The daughter of actress has only one dream — to return to mom’s apartment in New Moscow, which Bari Karimovich copied by his assistant Sergei Mazara.

I asked my mother if she wants to divorce and Alibasova. “Until I get an apartment, a divorce will not” — she said, — said Olga in the program “Let them talk”.

According to the son of entertainer, the woman simply aiming to inheritance Alibasov, which so far is the lawful spouse Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

If the father will remain insane, and I’ll be his guardian, the bearer of his will, I promise to take back all his promises not to claim the inheritance Sukhinah. If Lydia Nikolaevna die first, I take the maximum of this family as I can — said the son of Bari Karimovich.

It is known that Fedoseeva-Shukshina gave Alibasova his apartment. After that, the producer sold it to his Director Sergei Masaru. Later a member of the Creator group “on-On” was told why the producer would want to sell him the apartment. According to him, so the couple hid the estate from his children — son Bari Alibasov and daughters Shukshina Olga.

Initially, the apartment in New Moscow was presented Fedoseeva-Shukshina your spouse, but with the condition that after her death the property will come back into the family. According to rumors, even the housing was intended for the children of the daughter of the actress Mary — Thomas and Fox, but the Director Alibasov completely dismissed them. According to Mazara, the transfer of the twins my grandmother’s apartment and there was no question, as she was afraid that housing the boys “take away the father.”

Earlier wrote that PR-Director Bari Alibasov Vadim Garancin commented on the mass brawl that occurred during a talk show dedicated to the assassination of the producer of the group “on-On”.