Bad news, there is really just enough. Contact restrictions, self-imposed curfew, keep your distance – for us, social beings of those times are at the moment not so great. Therefore, a couple of good News to come here as a distraction.

indeed, There are things we can look forward now already, especially in the Horizontal. While it can take weeks or months, but eventually this crisis will pass and there is life “after”. With a lot of Dating, Traveling, Outdoor Sex and hugs and Flirt,. Because of the lack of perhaps the most.


Only two people may live together “in public space”. This has been decided by the Federation and the Länder. This is true but for the home? Yes! Because this regulation relates, according to a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the interior as to the area of your own home.

So it is threes first of all, go with the fleets. On it you can be happy now but already. And until then, a hot Video of a conference is to do so in time.