Hendrik Van Crombrugge (26), it is hot in Germany. After Schalke 04 and FC Köln, though a light emerged from the staff of the Anderlecht-champions league, it is Hertha BSC and the third club is the Club that shows interest.

Hertha is on the lookout for a follow-up to the Norwegian Rune Jarstein (35), and Van Crombrugge, it is one of the possible approaches. In the interest of Köln, and Hertha would be at this moment in time, however, much more tangible than that of Schalke. That is the Königsblauen. had been for a while, nothing more to say.

you can Yourself dream Of Crombrugge from a future at the Club, but in a hurry it seems he doesn’t have to. In the French-language podcast, Studio, Str2el, ” said the keeper, that it is very probable is that it for the next season, when Anderlecht is playing. “Whether or not a European, football is a choice, not a factor,” he added. Anderlecht will be sterkhouder prefer to keep it, and is considering an improved contract offer, especially now that, with Thomas Didillon has indicated that he prefers to huurclub Genk will remain.

Blunderkeeper Loris Karius?

the Only one not to refuse a miljoenenbod RSCA tend to Crombrugge to go to the greenhouse to eat. If the number 1 still, leaving will be blunderkeeper Loris Karius (Liverpool) is mentioned as a serious contender to be his successor. If the latest slope is far from the reality. (thst).