The journalist Ksenia Sobchak told NSN, who directed its activities.

The journalist Ksenia Sobchak told the party “Veterans of Russia” on the charge of “brain damage” the Russian youth and the imposition of legal nihilism. Earlier, the “veterans” asked the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin with a request to initiate a criminal case against the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

Political activists believe that she is campaigning to change state borders and supposedly calls to return the Crimea to Ukraine.

Angry “Veterans of Russia” also appealed to the General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst with a request to dismiss Sobchak from “Dock shock”. In their opinion, the journalist “it kills brain cells” of Russian youth and enforces legal nihilism.

“I am very concerned about veterans. In my work I am guided by the broad population. But if you narrow down on the youth and veterans,” – said Sobchak live on NSN “Veterans of Russia”.

Meanwhile telekritik Alexander Melman said in a broadcast on NSN that he considers journalism, Ksenia Sobchak bright and interesting.

“I don’t know who the "Veterans of Russia," the first time I hear about them. Such organizations we may be many, and Sobchak to exist, to all sorts of strange people on it as-that reacted. It is “a red rag” for these bulls. Sobchak – the brightest and most interesting journalist in our media field. It gives a reason to pay attention and makes it bright, not corny, sometimes very talented. Yes, it is provocative, but in the correct sense. It is a strong political journalist. She showed this when he worked on “Rain”. Now she works in different genres and in many quite successfully. I welcome what she does on youtube,” said Melman.

Earlier in an interview with NSN Ksenia Sobchak has declared that is ready to lose all of their contracts in order to be able to Express their point of view. So she commented on earlier, the scandal because of her criticism of the social protest movement for Black Lives Matter (BLM), spokesperson for the value of life of black people.