The main line of the story of Ksenia Sobchak “Monastery special purpose” built around the stories of ex-novices who lived in the monastery of the children. One of the main characters — the girl Christina, telling how she and other children were beaten with a belt and “cable” and put in the peas. Another young man recalls the constant psychological abuse.

However, there are characters who speak about father Sergius as the man who returned them to life, and that they will fight for it until the end. In the film there is footage of Abbot presents an ultimatum to Putin and where he supposedly casts out demons during a Church service. By Sergius of Xenia, which throughout the film appears with a taped patch nose, failed to meet, but it gives the facts of his life.

In particular, the journalist recalls his criminal past — Nicholas Romanov (this is the worldly name of chiyoumen) has served 13 years for murder. Sobchak asked the representative of the Ekaterinburg diocese Maxim changers, how a person could get the Church San. Moneychanger explains that Sergius had repented, but now they did not recognize him, however, the monastery will return to the bosom of the Russian Orthodox Church, and there are options on how to do it, but the details did not disclose. About Vladislav Surkov Sobchak says in the beginning of the film, like the seed, and in the end. She claims that a former aide to President connected with all this history, however, no concrete arguments, does not.

“In the Urals media community has long been rumored that the project “Rasputin 2.0” is a project that can be involved in Surkov, and after the former “Nashi” Mighty he could bring to life one of his hoaxes. Surkov also in absentia is associated with Sergius through the “volunteer Union of Donbass”. The self-proclaimed elders, and the Ural Athos, the self-proclaimed war of the breakaway republics and the self same Church, all under the aegis of the curators from the Old square — either current, or former”.

About the DNI Sobchak mentions while chatting with the guards of the monastery, asks if they fought, that men respond that they are just regular parishioners. But Ksenia still says in the film that the monastery is guarded by former militias of Donbass. And the relationship with Sergei Surkov, allegedly by the press Secretary of the monastery of Vsevolod Mogucheva — in the past a member of the movement “Nashi” created by Surkov “of ex-skinheads and football fans.” Himself Moguchev in an interview with Business FM denies this.

Vsevolod Moguchev press Secretary Sredneuralskaya convent “I don’t understand why there pulled Vladislav Surkov, as far as I know, he to this story is irrelevant, and I have no relationship to Vladislav Surkov. I am convinced that the order in the first place groupings ��itropolit Cyril. Everything is going to bring father Sergius under criminal charges. Supposedly some connection Surkov has been specially affected in order to, say, the protest electorate, which now protects Furgala, including in Khabarovsk, to the civil society, which is there to protect rights, not to came to the defense of father Sergius. I have now been out of the audio and Argentavis Director Sobchak, which the film did, where he had explained, even before all these events, now will be show trials”.

By the way, in the film there is a conversation with major General Sergei Ivanov according to media reports, the Deputy Chairman of the public Council under the Ministry of public security of the Sverdlovsk region, and, according to him, the former chief of intelligence of the Volga Federal district. He says to the priest Sergius come to visit and the security forces and of the presidential administration.

The question is, who is the addressee of this film, says the Director of the Center for political studies University of Finance Pavel Salin.

Pavel Salin, Director of the Center for political studies, Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation: “the Main task of the film — not a blow to Surkov, as a hint to certain members of the security community that they also have dirt, and from an unexpected quarter. There is also a reference to the shape of the Athonite elder Raphael knows that he is an authority on certain figures among the security forces, who enjoy the special confidence of the President. The film is likely to be a part of the media attack on this group, because if you watch not only the film, but in the aggregate those publications that appeared before him when he was shot, then there is, for example, reference to Mr Zolotov. If you look through the political prism and there on the surface is the figure of Mr. Surkov, but it seems that it is either not the main purpose, or even a false goal.”

Anyway, the film is already a success among users — for the first day it was viewed on YouTube over half a million people.

Meanwhile, Abbot Sergius fined by the court on 18 thousand rubles on charges of incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity. We are talking about his statements in the sermons, and the calls for the eviction of persons who are for the regime of self-isolation.

At the beginning of the conflict abbess Varvara (Krygina) left the monastery because of disagreement with the views of chiyoumen. Supposedly kicked her out because of the requests of the nuns to take the test for the coronavirus. Earlier Sergey was fined 90 thousand rubles for distribution of false information. He argued that monks specifically infect — “open the vial and squirt”.